The 10 hidden features of Samsung smartphones you need to know Mar 2020

10 hidden features of Samsung: Let’s go back to the smartphone software after practically all the various manufacturers have now brought their new products onto the market (only OnePlus is missing, which will reveal them on April 14, 2020). We do it with a first study on the Samsung One UI or the graphic interface of the Korean smartphones.

Today we see 10 features that are present on Samsung smartphones that if known and used allow to greatly improve the user experience, some of these, especially in those large products. So let’s make room for the video and then quickly recap them

10 tips on Samsung smartphones

10 hidden features of Samsung

  1. Hide notifications in the lock screen if necessary
    This is a function dedicated to the world of privacy, if activated it allows you to have a quick link in the shutdown menu to hide all the notifications shown on the lock screen. To activate it you must:

go to Settings and then Lock Screen ;
enter Secure Lock Settings and perform the required security recognition;
activate the last item Show blocking option .

  1. Change the volume panel
    One of the most beautiful customizations that can be made to the Samsung smartphone software is that of the volume panel, the one that appears when you press one of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. To do this you must:

open the Play Store, search and download the Sound Assistant application ;
open it and click on the panel theme.
From here you can change the color of the volume panel but above all the position by removing it from the uncomfortable top position and moving it to the right or left, certainly more within reach of the tap.

  1. Customize the notification animation
    On the smartphones of the Korean house, notifications also appear on the screen with an animation very different from the usual and graphically appealing. But if you are not satisfied, know that there is a wide possibility of customization. In fact, you can change the color of the animation, the size, the shape and even whether or not to illuminate the edge of the smartphone or not. All you need is:

open the Settings and go to the screen ;
scroll through the entries and tap on a curved screen -> edge lighting

  1. Notifications on the app icon
    If you always receive a lot of notifications, this function will be very useful. Basically, activating “Notifications on Application Icon” just press and hold the icon on the Home Screen to see which notifications it has generated, so as to click them more easily. To activate it you must:

go to Settings and then Notifications ;
cap on Badge application icon ;
and finally activate Notifications on application icon .

10 hidden features of Samsung
10 hidden features of Samsung
  1. Gestures for the notification panel
    This is the most useful hidden function of all and at the same time the simplest: it allows you to pull down the notification panel simply by dragging your finger from top to bottom. All you need is:

keep pressed in an empty space of the Home Screen;
at the bottom click on Home Screen Settings;
search and activate the “Drag down to notifications panel” function.

  1. Brighter Notifications
    If you often have the problem of not noticing the arrival of new notifications, perhaps because you want to keep the smartphone silent, you can make them decidedly “brighter”. By going to Settings and then Accessibility , then in Advanced Settings , you can enter the Notification with flash function where you can activate the flash of the camera and the display when a new notification is received.
  2. Free up memory by deleting unnecessary files
    One of the pre-installed applications on Samsung smartphones is “File Management” or a file manager. Compared to the more classic File Manager, however, it allows you to analyze the memory in search of duplicate or unused files, use it if you always have full memory. To do this you just need:

Open the file manager application;
scroll to the bottom and tap on the Analyze button;
in the screen that opens consult the duplicate and unused files to understand which ones to delete.

  1. Hide apps
    In a video on the hidden features regarding software, the function to hide the Apps cannot be missing. On Samsung it has been present for several months and to use it you need:

keep pressed in an empty space of the Home Screen;
at the bottom click on Home Screen Settings;
search and click the Hide apps item and then select the applications to be hidden.
You can find your hidden apps simply by searching for them with the search function in the list of apps.

  1. “Advanced” screen recording
    Screen recording may not seem very useful to most people, in reality it allows several useful possibilities both if you want to explain documents and if you want to record for example a gameplay. By activating the function, directly from the quick links in the notification window, you can write on the screen and also include your image taken from the seflie cam. However, if you hold down the quick link you can enter the settings of this function and adjust the resolution and the audio captured, deciding whether to take only that of the smartphone or even from the microphone.
  2. Activate the Bixby Routines
    They are often left out because they tend to be considered not very useful, in reality they are a turning point on smartphones. If you know IFTTT, you have certainly already understood what we are talking about: in short, it allows you to automatically make adjustments or functions when certain conditions occur.

For example, it is possible to set that the Do Not Disturb function is automatically activated at night or that, when a certain place arrives, it activates Wireless connectivity instead of data and so on. Start using them because they are really full of surprises.

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