A woman moves from iOS to Android, new phone’s battery credited with saving a life

We will present this text by first saying that, in general, we are far from the stories that come out of the sun because the publication is notorious for deceptive headlines and even tabloids. However, when a story unfolds about how an Android battery supposedly saved a woman’s life, this is something we simply cannot ignore.

According to The Sun, Beth McDermott, a woman from Lancaster, England, suffered head injuries at home. McDermott, who lived alone for 3 days, was apparently unconscious. When he woke up, he could not use his legs, since he suffered from a syndrome called rhabdomyolysis, which ended in a muscle that broke rapidly.

Fortunately, when MacDermott arrived for his phone, his Android battery was still at 50%, even after being idle and plugged in for three days. He called an ambulance and only spent every week in the hospital recovering.

I did not expect the phone to figure in the least, but it still features a 50 percent battery life, McDermott told The Sun. I could not believe it lasted goodbye. I can not believe I’m still alive. I would not be if it wasn’t for a call.

Interestingly, McDermott just changed from iPhone 6 to Huawei Y6 just a couple of days ago. the most reason for his leap from iOS to Android was the battery life of his iPhone. consistent with McDermott, you simply got to charge fourfold each day to stay your phone off.

Recently, Apple launched a category action lawsuit to hamper older iPhones in an attempt to preserve the longevity of older smartphone batteries. the corporate will probably pay $ 500 million more to iPhone owners worldwide.

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