Approximately 50000 mobile users in Turkey Becomes Target of Cyber ​​Attacks

According to data obtained by Kaspersky in 2019, about 50 thousand mobile users in Turkey suffered a cyber attack. Users have been largely the target of malicious adware and spyware.

Cyber ​​attacks have seen a great increase in recent years and new legal regulations have been opened in this area. Despite all this, many users  often continue to ignore the mobile side of the problem . According to the latest data obtained by Kaspersky researcher, in 2019 the total in Turkey, 48 thousand 826 users , was attacked on mobile devices.

According to Kaspersky’s statement, mobile advertising Trojans and spyware, which increased last year, pose a serious threat to smartphone users. Advertising software to collect personal data of victims without their consent can be forwarded to another server and mobile users last year, 30 thousand 946 in Turkey, it was the target of the advertising software.

Spyware software, on the other hand, consists of harassment software, which can be considered among the cyber attack methods . This type of spyware is usually installed on the device without the user’s knowledge or consent and runs unnoticed in the background. It can then access personal data such as device location, browser history, messages, apps, photos. The number of users attacked by spyware types reached 1,221 in our country last year .

Against Harassment Software Kaspersky According to the latest data obtained by the Union Power 2018, 40 thousand 386 in the worldwide number of unique users is attacked, 2019 at 67 thousand 500 ‘to output. Also, in the second half of 2019, spyware attacks saw a 2-fold increase over the first half. According to the data, while 4 thousand 483 users were attacked in January 2019, this number increased to 9 thousand 546 in September 2019 and 11 thousand 52 in December 2019.

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