Hi BMW Cars, explain to me the Active Integral Steering In 2020

Intelligent Personal Assistant is the on-board assistant of BMW cars ready to explain the on-board technology

BMW  and its ever-present on-board digital expert: have a chat with Intelligent Personal Assistant,  the assistant who knows everything about your bmw cars.

Intelligent Personal Assistant, your BMW’s on-board companion

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is a voice assistant installed in the new BMWs. Activation is very simple: just say ” Hello BMW ” and in a few moments you will have a real professional onboard your beloved four-wheeler. But what can it do? Let’s see together.

“Hi BMW, let’s talk”
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is an assistant for all purposes: understands and learns the routines and habits of the driver is also able to apply the preferences in the context-appropriate. The Intelligent Assistant will help the driver by learning his favorite settings. For example, seat heating, comfortable isn’t it?

bmw cars
bmw cars

In addition, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant has a unique feature: personality. You can customize your assistant with a name. Intelligent Assistant knows the functions of the vehicle and is able to manage them as required. 

You can say ” Hi BMW, I’m cold “; he will adjust the temperature inside the car accordingly. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also transform your driving assistant into a mechanic always ready to help you. Will he be able to provide current status information (” Is the oil level okay ?”) And help answer questions (“What warning messages do I have ? “). He knows the driver’s preferred settings and can even activate a combination of them to improve well-being. For example, ” 

Hi BMW, I’m tired ” starts a vitality program that adjusts the colors of the lighting, the music, and the temperature, among other things, in order to make the driver more alert. The assistant will benefit from constant technical updates remotely and will be able to learn more and more preferences and preferred settings.

“Hi BMW, how does Active Integral Steering work?”

Intelligent Personal Assistant is able to explain all sorts of functions it presents in your car, from multimedia supports to on-board digital driving. You can ask him, for example, how Active Integral Steering works. Your BMW will respond with affirmations that will help you understand the functioning and usefulness of any component on board.

The Active Integral Steering  combines the electromechanical steering of the front wheels (complete with Servotronic steering assistance) with a steering rear axle . This way the system can help you improve the vehicle’s agility at low speeds and stability in the race.

The variable steering ratio allows the driver to perform low-speed maneuvers with small steering movements. At higher speeds , however, the steering is more direct, improving both directional stability.

Thanks to particular stability, the system also makes the car more agile in city driving and increases its agility and directionality when cornering. At low speeds, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction from the front wheels, making it easier to maneuver the car. 

On the contrary, at higher speeds, the rear wheels follow the same direction as the front wheels, allowing the car to follow the course set by the driver even more quickly and precisely. This futuristic system is available as an option on the BMW top range, from the BMW 5 Series upwards.

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