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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 inclination use a foldable glass display rather of synthetic polyamide. Foldable smartphones are the expectation. It might not look that way with the modern foldable smartphones we have but earlier or later they are going to replace our normal smartphones. If not follow our regular smartphones they will certainly become as popular as

Sony Did It 2020

Sony Xperia 2 and Sony Xperia 5 Plus is moving to be the company’s latest flagship smartphone. So Sony is making the successor to Xperia 1 which was the first mainstream phone to have a 21:9 cinema wide aspect ratio. Sony adopted a new design language to set themselves apart from the ever-crowded smartphone market.

LG – “WOW FACTOR” 2020

LG announces it will make a recovery and be profitable with new smartphones that will have wow part to woo consumers. Loss after loss after loss. LG’s mobile phone business is in big trouble. LG was one of the top smartphone players back then and now today they have found themselves in the same boat