Clyma Weather shows the weather forecast simply and clearly,2020

Clyma Weather is an application that provides weather forecasts for the next seven days through a clear and simple interface characterized by delightful animations and bright colors.

The main screen shows in real-time the meteorological data of the set location which includes real and perceived temperature, minimum and maximum temperature, probability of precipitation, percentage of humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind speed. Scrolling down it is possible to find the forecasts for the next seven days.

Clyma Weather provides various themes with support for the dark theme, the full black theme for OLED screens, and also for the dark system level themes on Android 10 and later versions. In the settings, you can choose the units of measurement, and there are also practical widgets in three different sizes.

The weather forecast app uses three independent and renowned weather service providers (Dark Sky, OpenWeatherMap, Weatherbit) to ensure more accurate weather forecasts.

Clyma Weather shows the weather forecast simply and clearly

Clyma Weather is available for Android free of charge supported by removable advertisements by switching to the Pro version through an optional in-app purchase of € 2.79 which also removes the limit of places and unlocks themes and widgets.

The app asks for permission to access the location and information on Wi-Fi and to be detectable in the Play Store of Google through badges that you find below. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

Clyma Weather

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