Coronavirus proving to be an unwelcome guest for Airbnb’s business

Travel around the world is taking over due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and that’s why people decide to cancel travel plans themselves, so it’s not surprising that the online hosting service has been affected by Airbnb. It is. However, the extent of the recession may surprise some.

According to data from Airbnb analyst firm Air DNA, daily concerns stalled in many Asian cities in the first two months of 2020, where the Corona virus (or COVID-19, formally known) in the first few months. For the first time caught.

The rate of decline is not as pronounced in cities in other parts of the world, although Air DNA points out in its analysis that as the virus is spreading to new communities, it may well change. ۔

When comparing Airbnb bookings for properties in Beijing, China, properties made from January 5 to March 11 to March 1 to March 7 show a 96% reduction in bookings in the data, It is the most affected city of history.

Beijing’s actual numbers show a total of 40,508 bookings for Airbnb Properties from January 5 to 11, compared to just 1,655 bookings from March 1 to 7.

In addition, in China, Airbnb hosts in Shanghai are also struggling, with features showing a 71% drop in bookings.

Outside of China, Seoul in South Korea, under COVID-19, saw a 46 percent drop in airbnb bookings, and outside Asia, Italy saw a 41 percent drop in Rome. For example, in the United States, New York City has seen a decrease of 21%.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, most governments are seeing an increase in Airbnb cancellations, with the introduction of travel restrictions and the cancellation of major events, and concerns are likely to decrease.

For example, President Trump banned people traveling to the United States this week. America from 26 European countries in the next 30 days. India has gone even further, suspending visas for at least a month for most foreign visitors.

Although the hurdle for travelers is certainly annoying, Airbnb says it also understands how booking reductions can be a major hassle for hosts, with a recent survey showing that respondents’ hosts Half of the income from Airbnb helped them stay in their homes, while 24 said housing at Airbnb helped them evict or avoid forecasts.

Commenting on the recent challenge facing the travel industry, Airbnb said this week: “We know that COVID-19 will have an impact in the short term, but we also know that travel is flexible and healthy. And when it will happen.


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