We tried Crash Bandicoot Mobile on Android: here’s how it works

In the past few hours, the first version of Crash Bandicoot Mobile has been released on the Play Store, not yet available in all countries (including Italy) but which can be installed through an escamotage that you find in this article.

While waiting for an official launch in all markets, we tried out the first adventure of Crash for mobile devices and we are ready to tell you about it.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile marks the debut of the marsupial on smartphones

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is presented as the classic endless run, a genre that has depopulated so much in recent years on smartphones, but which still tries to have its say despite the myriad of interactions that we can find on the Play Store.

The plot of the title is quite basic and serves only as a pretext for the actual game: Dr. Neo Cortex has managed to open dimensional portals, through which he sends his henchmen to create havoc in the world and try to conquer it. Crash, with the help of his sister Coco, will have to defeat the various subordinates until he reaches the base of Dr. Neo Cortex and thwarts his plans for the umpteenth time.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile

The gameplay of Crash Bandicoot Mobile
Although it is a classic endless run, Crash Bandicoot Mobile has a tiered structure, to be overcome to progress through history. Inside them we find all the classic elements that made the Crash Bandicoot saga famous in its debut on the legendary PlayStation: from the iconic Frutti Wumpa to the inevitable Aku Aku (who acts as a savior in case you are hit), passing from Nitro speakers to a myriad of obstacles such as animals of all kinds, rolling stones, switches, and moving platforms.

To move along the level, simply perform simple swipes to give the commands to Crash, who in the meantime will continue to run forward autonomously: left and right to move the direction of the character, up to jump, down to perform a slide, a quick swipe up and down to perform a bump and a single touch of the screen for the turn. A crash can also take advantage of fruit and other items collected along the level to throw them at enemies and obstacles and free the path ahead.

Each level develops on different heights using ditches, ramps, or mushrooms that will help Crash to jump higher, and are littered with check-point crates that come into operation when we are hit or we will crash into an obstacle.

At the end of each race we will find a mini-boss that we will have to hit through weapons, bombs, and potions, thanks to a small QTE (Quick Time Event) which, depending on the precision of the launch, will guarantee more or fewer experience points to the marsupial. Once you have passed the levels with the underlings, it will be the turn of the level with the boss, to be overcome in order to access the second area of ​​the game, and so on.

The endless run structure of Crash Bandicoot Mobile
The weapons and potions needed to access the various levels and defeat the bosses must be created through the special machines located in the Coco base (the hub of the game), using Wumpa Fruits and various types of ingredients. These ingredients, which are limited, must be collected by running in the appropriate areas: this is where the true endless run nature of Crash Bandicoot Mobile comes into play since in these special levels you can run indefinitely until you decide to take the crossroads to return to the base.

However, not all the ingredients are available immediately: others unlock by completing the story levels, which will reward you with a gray Gem to be used in the endless run levels to open previously closed crossroads.

Once the ingredients are collected, weapons and potions will be created in the classic modes of mobile games. In fact, each weapon requires a certain period to be completed, from 60 seconds up to several minutes, which you can speed up using the purple Relics that you will collect along with the various levels.

As the game progresses, you will unlock, thanks to the gems, new machines for the Coco base that will serve to equip the characters with new costumes, boosts, and aids to easily overcome even the most advanced levels.

Final thoughts

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is definitely a title that will make you spend a few minutes in light-heartedness, thanks to its immediacy and the music and style typical of the series.

The game at the moment does not add anything new to the endless run formula, all too overused in recent years, but fans of the genre (and of the character) will certainly find more than one reason to try it and progress through the various levels.

Since this is a title that has just been released, it is legitimate to expect other updates over the next few months that will expand its offer.

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