Does Samsung make an Exynos SoC for Google 2020

According to new recent rumors in South Korea, it seems that Samsung and Google are collaborating to create an Exynos SoC for the new Pixel 5.

Does Samsung make: hile the world wonders if Samsung will ever abound the use of its proprietary Exynos processors in favor of Qualcomm, it seems that Google has aimed the SoCs of the South Korean house, due to the experience obtained by the latter in the sector. According to internal sources from South Korea, it seems that the two companies are collaborating to create a next-generation chipset – already ready for its debut in 2020 – to be inserted on the new Pixel smartphones soon to be released.

Does Samsung make

Samsung and Google: partners for a unique SoC

For some time now, the Mountain View company had intended to abandon Qualcomm SoCs to use home-made chips ; according to the latest rumors, the partnership with Samsung could lead precisely to the desired development.

From the leaks it seems that the Exynos by Google will be produced with a 5 nanometer process , with octa core CPU with double Cortex-A78 core, double core Cortex A76 and quadruple Cortex A55. The GPU in question will be an undeclared Mali arm. It is reasonable to expect, however, a graphics card with 20 cores, so we will probably see a Mali MP20.

All these rumors coincide with what emerged at the end of 2019, when Samsung had announced the end of the development of the Mongoose proprietary cores, in favor of the solutions proposed by ARM . Should we also expect an abandonment of the Mali GPUs in favor of those made with AMD?

The Exynos SoC set up for and with the support of Google would not enjoy the ISP and NPU developed by Samsung, in favor of the Visual Core of the BigG company and an NPU entirely designed by the American house. This particular data is interesting to understand the first real Android response to the internal chips made by Apple.This is also added to the recent rumor that requires the inclusion of Exynos chipsets not only on mobile devices, but also on the next generation of Chromebooks.

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