2020 Facebook Messenger Rooms lands in Italy, this is how it works

Facebook Messenger Rooms lands in Italy: Some interesting news coming from the Facebook team designed to allow users to stay closer even at this particular moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic and without doubt, the most important is Facebook Messenger Rooms.

It is a group video call service that allows users to spend quality time with friends, family, and people with whom they share interests: this is possible thanks to a virtual room, which can be created by Messenger or Facebook and the which anyone can join, even those who don’t have a Facebook account.

These rooms have no time limits and will soon be able to accommodate up to 50 people, becoming an ideal solution to celebrate certain events such as birthdays or other anniversaries.

Facebook Messenger Rooms lands in Italy: this is how it works

To take advantage of this new system, simply open a room on Facebook and share it through your wall, groups or events, in order to allow people to access it (and soon you can also open a room from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal).

Facebook Messenger Rooms lands in Italy

It will be possible to see on Facebook the rooms opened by your friends and to join them and when you are invited to a room you can access both from your smartphone and computer without having to download anything.

How Facebook Messenger Rooms works
These are the tools available to users:

Locking: Rooms can be closed or open when the call starts
Removing a participant: those who create a room can remove any unwanted participants
Leave: even if the room is closed, it is always possible to leave it
Reporting: Users can report a Room or someone who violates Facebook Community Standards (this action does not generate audio or video in the room)
Block: Users can block someone on both Facebook and Messenger without their knowledge
Messenger Rooms are available for testing in Italy as early as this week.

Facebook Messenger Rooms lands in Italy

Other news besides Facebook Messenger Rooms
But the giant of social networks has also announced other news, such as 14 new filters made with artificial intelligence for Messenger, the passage from 4 to 8 members for group calls on WhatsApp, the possibility to watch and comment on live videos of Instagram directly from your computer and save your videos on IGTV immediately after starting the live broadcast.

Finally, there is also news for Live Videos on Facebook, such as the possibility of adding another person, the possibility of creating Live events to attend to which users will have to pay, the possibility of starting the Livestream of a play directly on the social network (thanks to the Facebook Gaming app, available on the Google Play Store ).


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