Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite will be the many affordable foldable smartphone always according to the latest information from reliable sources. Samsung will begin the Galaxy Fold Lite with the Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung’s foldable phones were quite expensive for users with their initial prices. The Galaxy Fold was launched for $1980 and it was too much for mainstream users to consider this phone. That simply wasn’t a realistic alternative for a vast majority of smartphone buyers. Then Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip a vertical folding phone for $1400 but still, the price was too high for what the device offered.

In order for a foldable phone to breakthrough, it will need both a revolutionary design and a price tag that most people will be able to stomach. Samsung is listening they have an ear to the ground and that’s the reason they are launching a true affordable foldable smartphone called the Galaxy Fold Lite for $1099. 1100 for a regular smartphone is still on the higher side but considering this is a foldable genre and the tech hasn’t matured just yet 1100 falls under the affordable category at least for now.

Anyway, we have details regarding this handset courtesy of Max Winebach from XDA developers. He says in order to keep the costs down, Samsung is using a mix of different hardware components from 2018, 2019, and 2020. Also, they are not using the Ultrathin glass on this phone which makes sense considering the Ultra-thin Glass is really expensive. Ross Young explains that Samsung display actually didn’t make any money on the display panels of the Galaxy Z Flip…

So probably Samsung could save at least a couple of hundred dollars by not using the Ultrathin glass and that’s what they did on the Galaxy Fold Lite. Moving on, Max says the Fold Lite will have on outer display but it won’t be as big as the Galaxy Fold. Instead, it’s more like the Galaxy Z Flip’s outer display which will again lower the costs.

To be pure the inner display will be similar to the new Galaxy Fold. The frame is made out of aluminum and the back is made out of gorilla glass. The base storage is going to be 256GB, there won’t be 5G and the processor is going to be the Snapdragon 865. Max is still unreliable about the processor but fairly sure it’s going to the latest offering from Qualcomm. Color choices could include Mirror Black and Mirror Purple.

Galaxy Fold Lite
Galaxy Fold Lite

That being said, I would suggest you take this information with a little bit of skepticism for now. We’ve heard a similar rumor a few months ago for the Galaxy Z Flip as well that Samsung could launch it for just $800.

But clearly that didn’t happen. And even Max says that it’s a rumor and not a leak so treat this information for what it is. Anyway, Foldable phones haven’t taken off the way Samsung expects them to, but there’s also has yet to be a foldable phone that the average consumer would consider using in place of their daily driver.

The major problem with current foldable phones is their price but the Galaxy Fold Lite may just be the affordable foldable that users have been waiting for. A foldable at this value point will be tempting for a lot also users who want to try out the radically changed form factor of a flexible phone, and could finally be the time that foldable phones take off.

That being said, let me know what do you think, provided the information is correct, would you be interested in this Galaxy Fold Lite for $1,099? Let me know down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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