Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will have 16GB RAM with an opportunity to keep a 12GB RAM exception too.

So if you imagined 12GB is a crazy number of RAM for a smartphone then you’re according to be amazed by the RAM count that Samsung is going to provide the Galaxy S20 models with. Yesterday we talked about Ice Universe’s tweet which said all the Galaxy S20 variants which are the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra will have at least 12GB RAM. 12GB is more than enough for most people in my opinion but according to Max Winebach, Samsung will take the RAM count to a whole new level, to 16GB.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

That’s right, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is going to be one of the first smartphones to have 16GB of RAM. That’s way more than most of the laptops, it’s the RAM count that my computer has. Honestly, we don’t need that kind of RAM on a smartphone but hey I would rather have it than not have it. Phones are getting ridiculously expensive and people are holding on to them much longer than in the past.

So it’s kinda like future-proofing your device. You may not need 16 gigs of RAM right now, but considering how apps and games are getting heavier day by day and also the 108MP, 8K recording needs a higher amount of RAM so you’re going to surely need this in the future. Keep in mind that the S20 Ultra is going to be the only device that offers an option of either 12 gigs of RAM or 16 gigs of RAM.

Other S20 variants will be 12GB, only models. That’s right! The Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the only S20 variant that will have an expandable MicroSD card slot. S20 and S20+ will not have it, I know that sucks but we saw that coming with the Galaxy Note 10. The Note 10+ has a MicroSD card slot while the Note 10 doesn’t.

So not at all surprised that they’re doing it again with the S20. Honestly, it shouldn’t be a big deal to many because the internal storages are big enough these days but yes, if you are a person that records a lot of videos then you’re surely going to need a MicroSD slot and the S20 Ultra is the only option for you in that case. So now it’s confirmed.

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra

A few times ago we discussed the S20 Ultra having 10 times optical zoom rather of 5 and 100 times hybrid zoom instead of 50. Soon, today Max Weinbach, as well as Ishan Agarwal, are proving that the Ultra variant will indeed have it. Zooming in 100 times is going to creepy but I’ll have it anyway. It should be fun. A few days ago we talked about some of the S20 camera features.

And now we have videos of a few of points taken on the Galaxy S20 Plus itself. The first one is this, it’s called single take photo. Basically all you need to do is pan your smartphone around for a few seconds while the phone automatically takes a bunch of photos and videos. After it’s done it’s going to present you with a few recommendations and the best photo as well.

The following feature is doing its comeback, the pro video mode. Basically, you can control every aspect of the camera setting while taking videos which is super helpful if you know how to play around the ISO, aperture and more. Yesterday we talked about how the 108MP sensor will be exclusive to the S20 Ultra only.

The S20 and S20+ will get 12MP main camera instead with a bigger pixel size. Now, Ice Universe has tweeted out the camera configuration of all the S20 variants revealing that Samsung will use 64MP sensors as the secondary camera for the S20 and S20+. I saw any of you failed yesterday knowing that the S20 and S20+ will have a 12MP sensor only but good to remember that they’re at least giving 64MP to these exceptions.

It’s 64MP telephoto lens with 3 times seeing zoom and 30 times hybrid so you’re going to get any good telephoto shots with the S20 and S20+. Of course, if you need the 100 times zoom then you want to go ultra. Of course for all the galaxy S20 coverage please consider subscribing and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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