How to Create a Good Password? We explain.

We explain ways to create secure, easy-to-remember passwords for those who don’t want to use a password manager!

Today’s internet world requires using a separate password for each service. It is almost impossible to keep randomly generated passwords in your memory. In this article, we will help you create passwords that are easy to remember by yourself, using a little creativity.

How to Create a Secure and Easy-to-Remember Password?

First of all, it is very important that the password you create is secure. Whatever password you choose, make sure that it conforms to the following:

  • At least 10 characters long,
  • Does not contain the words in the dictionary,
  • Using lowercase and uppercase letters together,
  • containing at least one number and a special character (such as @!%),
  • Take care to choose passwords that do not contain easy to guess information about you, such as your birthday, phone number, spouse’s name, animal’s name, home address.

All of this may have already bothered you, but you can follow these three simple steps to create a secure password.

  1. Find a “basic” password that can be remembered.
  2. Convert this password so that it is not one of the words in the dictionary.
  3. Add symbols and numbers to the password you are converting.

Creating a Basic Password Easy to Remember
You can choose real words as the basic password, but you have to convert this word by following our advice. Here are some tips to help you find basic passwords that are easy to remember.

  1. Select randomly from the word: It will be very difficult to guess a basic password that consists of random words. Open the dictionary and put together a few words that stand out from different pages.
  2. Consider the lyrics: Cite a song or poem you love. But be careful to choose something that is not very known. Using the refrain of a popular song may not be a good idea.
  3. A line from your favorite book: Be careful not to choose a famous line here too. For this, you can open your favorite book and choose a random line. You can add the number of lines or pages at the end to find the password easily in the future.
  4. Describe something around you: Describe your desktop wallpaper, what you see through the window, objects in your room or pictures on the wall. But make sure that your description is unique and unusual.
  5. Create Your Own Phonetic Alphabet: The phonetic alphabet is an alphabet of words used to describe letters on the phone and radio. ABC begins with the words Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.

Instead of using the standard phonetic alphabet, you can create your own alphabet from random words that start with the same letter. Then write the first few letters of the service that you want to create a password with this alphabet. So you will have a different basic password for each service. All you need is to keep the phonetic alphabet in mind.

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