HTC plans 5G smartphone, announces new VR headsets

HTC wants to stay in the smartphone business and launch a new 5G flagship this year. New VR headsets have also been announced.HTC wants to stay in the smartphone business. HTC boss Yves Maitre has told the Chinese platform “United News Network” (via “XDA-Develpers” ) that HTC will launch a new 5G smartphone this year – but without going into details. According to the platform, HTC will in all likelihood publish a high-end smartphone, and then possibly add mid-range or lower-end branches.

It is not a matter of course that HTC will again have a flagship phone. The last high-end device, HTC – once the largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world – launched in 2018 with the U12 +. Last year there were still the U19e and Desire 19+, as well as third-party phones that could use the HTC name, and it was generally believed that HTC saw its future in VR. Besides 5G, VR is also the focus of HTC.

Just last week, HTC added three new VR headsets to the Vive-Cosmos series, which will be launched later this year and all have a resolution of 2880×1700 pixels. In addition to the entry-level model Cosmos Play with four cameras (price still open), HTC presented the model Vive Cosmos Elite (picture), which comes with six cameras as well as a base station and a front plate for external tracking and costs around CHF 1,000. Also shown was the mixed reality glasses Cosmos XR, which should appear in Q2 for a good CHF 1,000. (Mw)


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