Huawei – THERE’S A CHANCE 2020

Huawei could quickly get a license to use Google apps including services. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro comes including an open-source variant of Android outwardly Google apps.

So Huawei could get an early Christmas present that could allow the company to breathe a bit easier. You see Huawei is blacklisted by the US government which means American companies can’t work with Huawei. If American companies want to do business with Huawei then they need a license from the US government.

They need to apply for a license and the US government will decide whether or not they want to approve the license request. Now, since Huawei is a multi-billion-dollar company, the second-biggest smartphone maker and on its way to becoming the top smartphone maker by beating Samsung. So obviously American companies want to do business with Huawei.

So a lot of companies have filed license requests to the US government. In fact, the government has received 260 license requests. One of those, of course, is believed to be Google. Wilbur Ross who’s one of US officials told Bloomberg that Licenses allowing US companies to sell equipment to v “will be forthcoming very shortly.

He’s very optimistic that these licenses will be coming very soon. He admits that they have received far more license requests than they expected which suggests how many American companies are actually affected by this ban. Huawei was banned in the first place because the US believes they are a National security threat. So of course, they will only grant permission to those licenses which are not deemed sensitive.

Huawei -
Huawei –

Also the Phase one of a U.S.-China trade agreement could be signed this month which is another good news for Huawei. Because it’s more likely that Huawei will be used as a bargaining chip in the trade agreement. The deal would see China buying more American agriculture products and in turn, China would ask the U.S. to drop the 15% import tax on smartphones imported from China into the U.S. and would also ask to drop Huawei from the entity list.

So things are looking good for Huawei right now. The loss of Android is the biggest impact this ban has made on Huawei. Because of it, they’re forced to use an open-source version of Google’s operating system on its latest phones, like the Mate 30 Pro which is a great handset but people in the west aren’t buying it because it doesn’t come with Google services.

So this is certainly a breath of fresh air for Huawei presuming the US government makes good on Trump’s promise to grant a number of exceptions to US companies wanting to do business with Huawei. So the growth of Huawei in China in Q3 2019 is mind-blowing and was expected at the same time. Huawei’s domestic smartphone shipments increased 66 percent year-over-year, while literally every other company lost market share in that country.

They sold 41.5 million smartphones in China compared to 25 million in the same time frame last year. That’s an insane growth and most of it is attributed to customers purchasing Huawei devices as a rebellion against US sanctions and foreign pressure. Look at other companies they’ve lost the market share in double digits.

Overall Huawei shipped around 62 million smartphones worldwide and despite the ban they are growing in the west as well which is incredible. Anyway, do let me know your thought on this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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