Huawei Think They Can Still BEAT Samsung 2020

The CEO and author of Huawei deem that they can still hit Samsung for the number one smartphone creator in the world. Also, Huawei Mate 30 Pro is doing remarkably well in sales too without Google help.

So unless you were living under the rock, you should know that Huawei is banned from using Google apps that also includes the play store. As you would expect it’s hurting the company in the west. I mean it’s almost impossible to sell phones without Google’s core android software, play store, etc, But Huawei’s founder and CEO is confident that they can still beat the number one smartphone maker Samsung even without the help of google.

He was interviewed recently where he was asked whether or not he still thinks Huawei can be the number one smartphone maker? To which he said and I quote, “I don’t think that would be a problem,” he added that it will just take more time. Considering the total smartphone shipments that Huawei did in the recent quarter, I think it’s more than likely at this point that Huawei could eventually beat Samsung.

Because Huawei has what Samsung doesn’t and it’s the support of 1.4 billion people. Over 75% of smartphones Huawei sold in the last quarter came from China alone where brands like Samsung don’t even have a 1% market share. So it’s something that Huawei will keep on taking advantage of in the future as well. Anyway, the CEO also mentioned that once the company’s Harmony operating system becomes operational, it may affect companies like Google as there will be no turning back from there.

He said also I quote, “we will have to resort to options. If those options become mature, I think it’ll become less inclined to switch back to previous versions,” Clearly he’s speaking about the harmony os. Initially, I was skeptical about whether or not Harmony operating system would become the third viable smartphone OS in the world but now, considering how well Huawei phones are selling even without Google apps, I’m positive Harmony OS will be successful withc the help of China alone.


It may take some time but it’s more than likely for Huawei to make the Harmony OS a successful operating system. Hence the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is the company’s newest flagship phone.A lot of us were wondering how well the phone is performing since it doesn’t have Google services. Well, we have numbers coming straight from Huawei itself and they look really promising. Huawei sold 7 million Mate 30 phones in the first 60 days. If you compare it to the Mate 20 series that’s an increase of 75%.

And the impressive thing is Mate 30 phones are predominantly sold in China so this 7 million figure is basically coming from China alone which just shows how dominant they are in their own home turf and this is something that Huawei will take advantage in beating Samsung for the title of the number one smartphone maker in the world. That said, do let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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