Instagram brings the look back to IGTV with a new graphical interface

In an attempt to attract more Instagram users, it is releasing an updated version of IGTV, its platform dedicated to videos, in these hours. The application interface has been completely redesigned with new tabs and with the creators in the first place.

The new interface now shows a content creator at the top, choosing it according to the tastes of the user and those currently followed and above all whose contents, according to the algorithm used, should be of greater interest to the user himself.

Instagram brings the look back to IGTV

A new Discover tab has been added at the bottom of the main screen, which allows you to discover new relevant content. This makes it easier to search for new creators and new videos to view, thus encouraging users to make greater use of the platform.


A new hands-free recording mode has also been added, which will make life easier for content creators and it is now possible to share IGTV videos on Instagram with a 15-second clip instead of a single frame. In this way users will be more encouraged to click on the content I share, increasing visits for creators.

Instagram, therefore, tries to get the application that seems to be taking off, even if it did not want to provide any detail on the numbers, and that seems to depend too much on Instagram for its survival. Will, this remake be enough to make it easier to search for new content, thus encouraging users and creators to use the platform more? Instagram seems to believe a lot in the project and for this reason it continues to invest in IGTV


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