Motorola Did What Samsung Should Have (The Hinge) 2020

Motorola Razr is a foldable smartphone from Motorola which is a replacement to the standard Moto Razr launched 15 years ago. Samsung Galaxy Fold is more a foldable smartphone except the hinge device is different than what Motorola is working for the Razr.

So Motorola has definitely made the new Razr phone official which is a replacement to the ever-popular, classic Motorola Razr that was started 15 years ago. The new Razr looks almost exactly like the old Razr except that there’s a foldable display also the device looks like it belongs in 2019. About a week ago I made a video about this handset showcasing its looks and features and turns out the rumors were on point.

The specifications, the price, the looks exactly the same. But there’s one thing that really caught my attention and it’s the hinge mechanism of this new handset. You see, Samsung’s foldable phone the Galaxy Fold has a hinge mechanism that allows the phone to fold inside but the thing is the Galaxy Fold doesn’t fold completely flat. There’s a gap inside which is problematic for a couple of reasons.

Primary, dust particles can enter into that space when the device is in your pocket which is not good as it may destroy the screen since it’s a plastic display.The second problem is it creates a crease in the middle of the display, it has more to do with the hinge mechanism that the device not folding completely flat. But Motorola surprised everyone with their hinge mechanism.

Not only their new hinge provides the Moto Razr to fold completely flat but there’s no visible crease in the middle portion of the display. As you can see, Instead of having the hinge device behind the display, like on the Galaxy Fold, Motorola has the hinge on the left and right side of the display, giving the showroom to sink into the phone body and bend into a gentle curve. There is a large void space about the display hinge, so when the phone folds in half, the display has room to move about. This way Motorola is bypassing the crease in the middle and yet were able to fold the phone completely flat, for which I think they need some appreciation.


They just addressed one of the biggest drawbacks of foldable smartphones. The crease in the middle is kinda turn off and I hope Samsung is taking notes. Motorola has a patent for this hinge mechanism which might not allow other companies such as Samsung to use the same mechanism, but I guess Samsung will find a workaround. The Galaxy Fold 2 that Samsung showcased in their developer conference is a clamshell device as well like the new Moto Razr and the render video shows it also folds completely flat.

But we still don’t know whether or not there’s going to be a crease in the middle. I hope not, but even if it’s there I hope Samsung learns from Motorola’s new patent and comes up with a similar solution. That being said, the new Moto Razr is a cool phone, but I prefer the Galaxy Fold more than this clamshell device. With the Fold, you’re getting a tablet that can turn into a phone, whereas with the Razr you’re getting a normal-sized phone that can fold in half.

I personally don’t find it much useful, if it was a 7″ phone then it would have been a different story but a folding a 6.2″ handset in half doesn’t appeal to me much. But hey, I know there are few of you who will disagree and that’s totally fine. Girls would probably find it useful since they have short pockets and the new Razr could be a perfect device for their jeans. But for the majority, I don’t think this device would appeal much. But again, cool device nonetheless. That said, let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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