OnePlus 8 Pro – OnePlus Has Lost The Plot

OnePlus 8 Pro Has Lost The Plot

OnePlus 8 Pro will be the first smartphone from the company to break the $900 mark and with that, I’m beginning to think that OnePlus has lost the plot.

During the OnePlus One was first published, it was positioned by the organization as a flagship killer. The device was the first to break the trend of high specs demanding high prices and looked to offer flagship performance at an affordable cost. The price of the OnePlus One took the market by storm and spawned a cycle of devices that further push the boundaries of what a budget smartphone an offer when it comes to specifications.

However, as the OnePlus devices have grown, so has the price, with the latest OnePlus 8 Pro being the first device by the company to break the $900 mark, and the 12gigs variant crossing the $1000 mark, I’m beginning to think that OnePlus has lost the plot.

First off, these are the leaked prices of the OnePlus 8 Pro for the European market. These prices suggest that OnePlus is no longer affordable that once they used to be. They have broken into the premium category price-wise. You see OnePlus has increased prices year over year since its inception, but this year is certainly the biggest jump to date of nearly €200 from the OnePlus 7 Pro it technically succeeds. Here’s the breakdown by model. Look it doesn’t matter how good your product is if you price it out of what people are willing to pay especially right now you might have just screwed yourself.

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro

Unfortunately, most of the blame goes to the Snapdragon 865, as phone lines using the 865 have consistently been around $200 more expensive than their predecessors. The extra cost and battery of the 865 are why companies like Google and LG are skipping it in favor of the 765G. In fact, we heard a couple of days ago that Google is partnering with Samsung to use its custom Exynos chips for the Pixel line. Listen don’t get me wrong.

The OnePlus 8 Pro seems like a great phone on paper right now with newly added features such as wireless charging, IP rating, MEMC chip, 120Hz display, and more. But the problem is we android fans have a long memory. OnePlus originally burst onto the scene as a disruptor, and developing that position for many is tough.

It’s almost like OnePlus started too well. I mean the OnePlus One offered a similar experience to the Galaxy S5 at about half the price. Yes, it wasn’t a perfect phone, OnePlus cut corners in many areas to achieve that price tag but it was a premium device nonetheless at an unbelievable price and in fact was a flagship killer.

Now it’s manifest the purpose for OnePlus has evolved. It’s a premium smartphone maker, they’re no longer cutting corners and that’s not a bad thing per se but it’s not the OnePlus they were a few years ago. I mean they were known to have ‘expensive flagship killers’ but have now started trying to sell the ‘expensive flagship phones’. and that’s why I think they have lost the plot.

I would also expect OnePlus to drop the marketing term of the affordable flagship given they are affordable anymore and the fact that there are now many more players offering budget handsets that have flagship specs, such as devices from Xiaomi. Anyway, do let me know what do you think down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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