How to start an online store virtual shop

start an online store and why bet on a virtual shop

Due to the current situation dictated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many commercial activities have been forced to close temporarily and will remain closed until the period of measures to contain the infections ends.

start an online store and why bet on a virtual shop .

 virtual shop
virtual shop

Because of this condition, even more, consumers choose to rely on the virtual shop, staying at home and buying what they want with their computer, or their smartphone or tablet.

For owners of a physical store, having a virtual store available is also very convenient, especially now that many of them find themselves unable to work at the actual store. In fact, with an e-commerce site, they can continue to earn despite everything.

Among other things, to have an online store you don’t necessarily need to have a physical store.

But how can you open an online site to sell products? In this article, we intend to explain the main operations that allow you to do this, starting from the next paragraph.

How to open an online store

To open an online store, you need to keep in mind that there are some costs to face, also because you need to open a VAT number. Furthermore, if you choose to start your own business on the web, you should rely on an agency that deals with the creation of the website where users can make their purchases, and this also has costs.

The site created by the agency (or created on its own, if one is capable) must have the following characteristics:

An intuitive and pleasant graphical interface that puts the user at ease.

A search box, which allows users to quickly search for the desired product by entering a search term.
A division of the products by category, always in order to simplify the search operations for users.
The photo and the description of each of the various objects offered for sale: customers appreciate very much when the products sold are presented with a lot of information since in this way they can make purchases more consciously.
Information on the seller.
The ability to also make quick shipments.
The contact section, or in any case the indication of a telephone number and/or an e-mail address: this is to allow customers to contact the seller for any need relating to the purchase of products.
The ‘ optimization for search engines: a site with good SEO is more likely to be found and viewed by users because it tends to appear among the first on the list of search results correlated to the site itself.
Any interesting content related to the products sold, through a section for a blog. By consulting the articles in the blog section (which users may find on social networks, or by searching the web), people can get to know the site more easily, and there are many more possibilities that they can buy products.
The site in question, which will have as its main function that of the webshop, must have an adequate second-level domain. The second-level domain is the address of the site itself, for example,

The choice of the domain name can be made in relation to the products sold (this could have some benefit in terms of SEO), or in relation to the name of the shop (if you also own a physical shop) or the site itself. In any case, it is better to aim for a short name, easy to write, to pronounce and to memorize.

Noteworthy is also the fact that there is the opportunity to open online stores in a simpler way, through the use of platforms that allow a quick start of the business. To find out more about these platforms, you can consult their website and receive the information they need to use their services.

How to promote the newly opened online store
Once you start the online business, it is very important to know how to use the appropriate tools offered by the internet to make your website known.

For example, it is possible to take advantage of the most popular social networks, creating pages or company profiles dedicated to the online store. On these spaces, it is better to generate and post promotional content, with any offers, and perhaps also present certain products available for purchase. But it is also very useful to propose, with a certain frequency, interesting or entertaining content, in line with the sector of products that the online store makes available: this serves, among other things, to keep the attention towards this alive webstore.

Another interesting opportunity is to rely on affiliate marketers, creators of online content thanks to which they promote goods and services.

In addition, you can advertise the online store through the banner ads on various websites.

If desired, there is also the possibility to have your virtual shop reviewed by one or more influencers . These are people who influence purchasing behavior, being very charismatic and having many followers on social networks, or being very competent on a specific sector and having a niche of loyal followers (in the latter case we speak of micro-influencers) .

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