Do you want to record a video with a tiger in your living room? Here’s how to do it 2020

record a video: AR objects in Google Search are a fun way to bring the outside world indoors, and a new feature being released on Android allows users to easily register 3D Google animals.

The “View in your space” feature allows life-size 3D animals to coexist with their current environment and appear next to anything.

Here’s how to create 3D Google Search animal videos: record a video with a tiger in your living room?

If until now it was possible to take a photo by touching the appropriate button, the Google team decided to go further by adding the possibility to record a video (by holding down the relative button, a recording that lasts up to 30 seconds starts and includes audio).

Android users no longer need to use a separate screen recording application that includes the 3D viewer interface and the system’s status and navigation bars and the saved video is just the virtual object and its surroundings.

Another small modification adds a circular preview of what has been recorded to the right of the shutter, so as to have a direct link to the gallery.

This new feature is in the process of being released, it supports all other Google AR objects but is not yet available for all Android users.



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