Redmi Note 9S arrives in Italy (on Amazon) at a great price

Redmi Note 9S: A couple of weeks have passed since the presentation of Redmi Note 9S and the Chinese manufacturer has not yet released official information relating to availability and, above all, prices for our market.

Amazon will take care of solving the dilemma, where the new medium-range is already available, available in two memory cuts and in different colors at really attractive prices. While to obtain the 4-64 GB version, shipped and sold by a third-party store, it is necessary to wait until mid-May, for the top variant the availability is decidedly good.

Redmi Note 9S
Redmi Note 9S

Redmi Note 9S:

The smartphone is in fact already available and shipped with Amazon Prime , with delivery times indicated in about ten days. Considering the current health emergency, with Amazon having decided to give priority to basic necessities, it is a good time and it is possible that the shipment can be delivered a few days in advance, as often happens these days.

The price is very tempting, given that for the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory of Redmi Note 9S there is talk of 229 euros, with Amazon Prime shipping. For the 4-64 GB model, however, the price drops to 209 euros, but given the shipping times, it is decidedly less attractive. Follow the links to buy Redmi Note 9S on Amazon starting from 209 euros.

Buy Redmi Note 9S 40-64 GB at 209 on Amazon

Buy Redmi Note 9S 6-128 GB for 229 euros on Amazon


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