release of the next iPhone 5G delayed because of the coronavirus

Technology: The global health crisis caused by the virus has disrupted Apple’s supply chain, which could be forced to delay the launch of its iPhone 12 by one month.

Will the release of the next iPhone 5G be delayed in case of Code 19 epidemic? This question arises from a Bank of America note following Bloomberg’s information that Apple was forced to launch the iPhone 12 in a month this fall due to obstacles facing Apple’s suppliers and contractors in China. Can be delayed. Reduction in consumer demand.

Similar risk starts at the entry level iPhone, iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9, which launch, initially scheduled for spring, can be postponed for “a few months.” ۔ Bloomberg says, “Everything will depend on how production will resume in April and May. Currently, Apple has not commented on its roadmap. However, the company has already announced They will not reach their billing target in the current quarter. There are also doubts about the WWDC celebration in June. (Eureka Press)


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