Revealed in Samsung’s Geekbench performing on Android 11

Google recently released Android 11’s first developer preview. Some test results seen today in Geekbench revealed that Samsung is functioning on this software.
Google released the primary developer preview of Android 11 earlier this month, and therefore the developers started their work using this software. a number of the knowledge revealed today shows that Samsung is holding its hand quickly.

Samsung has been tried this new software on the Galaxy S10 +. consistent with Geekbench’s data, the Galaxy S10 + Android R with model number SM-G975F was tested. Google’s new OS is additionally referred to as Android 11, but the developer predicts that Google will follow the alphabetical naming scheme in which the new software is going to be named Android R.

Here’s the Geekbench test showing that Samsung is starting work for Android 11:

Geekbench doesn’t reveal extraordinary detail about the test OS. it might be strange to expect the OS to be detailed before the OS is opened to general use.

This means that by the top of this year, Android 11 can officially be released. Even without the Galaxy S10 +, we will see this software on a minimum of any flagship of Samsung.
Surprisingly, Samsung had brought Android 10 to a number of its smartphones quickly before 2019 was over. Android 10 support has reached its peak within the past 6 months, with a couple of exceptions, like the Galaxy Fold. So there’s no reason to believe that Samsung will use Android R on their phones as quickly because it does on Android 10, but it’s impossible for Samsung to use it without Google officially introducing Android 11.

It continues to ensure that Samsung phones will receive 2 major software updates. If your new phone comes with Android Pie, it’ll technically get an Android 11 update, but if your phone has already received 2 major updates, it probably won’t get any longer.


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