Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be significantly lower than the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. Moreover, the battery of the Galaxy Fold 2 shows a very small battery size.

Recognize when people used to joke that all new phone was the same rounded rectangle? Those days are properly gone. Now, handset manufacturers are tripping over themselves to one-up each other with designs that go entirely off the rails, because you can make a phone a ton of various ways when you’ve got screens that can fold.

Okay, It’s safe to say the era of foldable phones is now in us. We’ve barely seen the first roll of foldable phones, the Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s Mate X, and the new Moto Razr are the three foldable phones you can think of right now. All of which have various form factors. The Galaxy Fold, in particular, is the first one to went on sale and despite its expensive $2,000 price tag, Samsung was able to sell over half a million of these phones now which is a huge number considering its price tag and the new tech required.

Samsung has mentioned publically that they want to sell significantly more foldable phones in 2020. The CEO didn’t mention how much exactly but we have reports telling us that its at least 6 million which is a lot. In order to do that Samsung must bring that $2000 price down. Yes, they were able to sell half a million of these with that price tag but I don’t think they can take that number up to 6 million with the same price tag.

Samsung obviously understands that and that’s the reason the successor of the Galaxy Fold which could be called the Galaxy Fold 2 will be significantly cheaper than the original Galaxy Fold. According to the Korea Herald, which is one of South Korea’s biggest news publications, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be priced at 1 million Korean won. If you do the right money conversion that’s around $850.

That’s extremely cheap if we take into consideration that Foldable smartphones are still relatively new tech including the original Galaxy Fold cost $2000. Yet also the Galaxy Fold 2 will not be a direct replacement to the original fold. I mean the form factor will be different. It’ll be a clamshell design as you can view in the official render video showcased from Samsung themselves.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

It’ll work almost exactly like the Moto Razr that Motorola showcased just a few weeks ago. It’ll have a 6.7″ display and if folded the outer cover display will measure a mere 1 inch. But unlike the Moto Razr that has a notch also a huge chin at the bottom, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a punch-hole display and no chin which gives it a better also modern looking than the Razr.

But it’s seeming like Samsung destroyed the Moto Razr with the price tag. Motorola reduced its handset at $1500 with midrange specs and now Samsung is preparing to launch theirs at about half of that price with a better design and better specs. Of course, the price isn’t clear yet but Korea Herald is one of South Korea’s largest news publication and they do have a great track record. So we can expect comparable pricing next year.

Also, the organs say Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 later next year probably around August, which suggests that it could be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 11. Also, we leak the Galaxy Fold 2’s battery and it’s tiny. The Fold 2 will have two batteries one at per side, and this leaked battery has a fixed capacity of a mere 900mAh.

We don’t have information about the second battery but for sure it’s going to bigger than this one. The Moto Razr has a 2500mAh battery so we can expect the Fold 2 to have somewhere around 3000mAh capacity.

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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