Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – DESIGN REVEALED

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra device has been exposed in a case that confirms that the handsets will not change too enough from the Galaxy S20. Samsung will start the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra both in late July or beginning August. Samsung will not call the following Note as the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 but rather Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and/or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus or Ultra.

First Galaxy Note 20 Leak Show The Design Elements

So we’ve been talking about the Galaxy Note 20 for a few videos now, previously we learned that the Galaxy Note 20 will not differ too much from the Galaxy S20 series. The only differentiating factor would be the S-Pen with some new features. It disappointed a lot of Note fans, The difference between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series has been diminishing with each passing year, and this year the difference will be smaller than ever and today’s leak just corroborates that.

It’s a pretty big leak because it includes one huge design clue. As you can see, this is an inlay mold for the official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra LED View Cover accessory that Samsung is planning to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 later this year. It indeed looks like the phone will have the same camera design as the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The button placement is on the right side of the frame similar to the S20 but completely opposite to the buttons on the Galaxy Note 10 which had all of its buttons placed on the left. Also interestingly this puts rumors of waterfall display on the Galaxy Note 20 to rest or at least one of the Galaxy Note 20 phones won’t have it.

Note 20
Note 20

The case mold covers almost all the entire sides which means there isn’t a display on the sides which basically means no waterfall display. It will be interesting to see whether or not Samsung would reduce the curvature of the display on the Note 20 something it did on the Galaxy S20 series. I hope it doesn’t happen.

Since the S20 series have a tone down version of the curved display, it feels as though the phone isn’t as premium as say the Galaxy s10 or the Note 10. So I hope Samsung at least keeps the radius of curvature of the display as big as the Galaxy Note 10. Also, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Samsung would push the release date which is late July right now given the state of the world right now with the pandemic and everything.

In any case, I’ll keep you updated with everything so you can consider subscribing for that. To be honest, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series with some boring and bland colors especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra which has only two color options black and grey.

That left many S20 Ultra buyers disappointed including me but it looks like they are bringing new colors to the market. Ice Universe tweeted that new color to the S20 Ultra is coming soon. He didn’t mention though what exactly that color is going to be. But I’ll be really happy if the new color is going to be this. An Aura glow variant is seen on the Galaxy Note 10 last year.

By the way, this isn’t a real image, it’s a photoshopped one from Supersaf. Anyway, I hope we see some new gradient colors rather than some plain ones.

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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