Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – HUGE IMPROVEMENTS TO S-PEN

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will notice huge changes to the S Pen according to the famous tipster. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will also notice a downgrade in the storage department. Samsung will expose the Galaxy Note 20 in July.

So the Galaxy Note 20 is the following big thing from Samsung. Features on the Galaxy Note 20 specs sheet are currently thin, but the stories we’ve heard so far point to some important improvements. The first big rumor comes from our trusted neighborhood Ice Universe who earlier revealed the codename of the Galaxy Note 20.

He didn’t show the full name but suggested project C. We imagined it’s Champ but it turns out we were wrong. Ice Universe continued another post to the thread, reporting, as you can see, that the full codename is… Canvas.

He further revealed that there will be new features in S-Pen. I kinda expected that the main focus on this years’ Note is going to be the S-Pen because Samsung went all-in with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It saw a significant upgrade in the camera, display and also in the design so I don’t think Samsung has anything new to offer in these areas for this year’s Note so kinda expected that the S Pen will see huge improvements and will be the main selling point of the Galaxy Note 20 just like the Galaxy Note 9 did a couple of years ago.

Now what exactly are going to be the improvements is yet to be seen. But it surely looks like Samsung is giving the Note users new reasons to stick with the Note series rather than migrate to a different phablet. Additionally according to before possible information, the Galaxy Note 20 will have a higher fine-tuned 120Hz display.

Now I’m not exactly sure what that fine-tuning means, but it’s worth pointing out that the Galaxy S20 can’t use 120Hz at full resolution. Samsung, though is working on providing the 120Hz at the maximum QHD+ resolution with a future update to the Galaxy S20 devices so that you can enjoy both maximum smoothness and fidelity.


Presently that left Samsung with little to no room for change on Note 20 in the display department so it’ll be exciting to see what new are they going offer with the latest phablet.

Maybe a variable refresh rate or a custom MEMC chip to take full advantage of the higher refresh rate, in any case, I’ll make sure to keep you posted so you can share this post. Also, this is quite surprising. Sammobile reports that the base storage variant on the Galaxy Note 20 is going to start at 128GB. It’s a downgrade compared to the 256GB base storage of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. It seems odd that Samsung is downgrading the storage of its most power-packed device of the year just a year later.

Maybe it’s the cost-cutting measure I don’t know but there’s one more explanation here which makes a lot of sense. You see Samsung removed the microSD card slot from the Galaxy Note 10 last year, a move that saw a lot of criticism. All the Galaxy S20 devices, though have the expandable microSD card slot and they do come with 128GB as storage including the S20 Ultra

So if they are indeed going with the 128Gb as the base for the Note 20 then that could only mean the microSD card slot is here to stay on the Galaxy Note 20 too which is great news.

Samsung is starting memory-hungry features such as 8K video on its most advanced devices so microSD card is a must with these innovative features. Samsung is supposed to launch Note 20 a little earlier than usual in July so expect to hear all the new data on this channel and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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