Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus – WORLD’S LARGEST PIXEL SIZE

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus enhance the world’s biggest smartphone camera pixel area according on a popular tipster.

So almost all of us know at this point that the Galaxy S11 Plus will have a 108MP camera. I saw some of you saying it’s just a marketing gimmick, more megapixels doesn’t mean better camera which I totally agree but we got some more information about this sensor which reveals that it’s not just a marketing gimmick, the Galaxy S11 Plus will indeed rule the smartphone cameras next year both in daylight and in low light.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

You see Ice Universe tweeted this yesterday, I see a lot of people didn’t understand it so let me explain what exactly he meant and why it’s such a big deal. Like I’ve said megapixels aren’t everything when it comes to camera quality. In fact, it’s a small cog in a much bigger machine. There are different factors such as sensor size, the pixel size, software post-processing, including the quality of the camera lens to consider.

So let me briefly explain each of these so you get a better idea. The sensor size is pretty easy to understand. A larger sensor has more area for the light to fall on, equating to a greater ability to gather the light. You see more the light more information the sensor captures. But the thing is if the megapixel count increases so do the sensor size.

Hence the Sensor size is useful for making an idea of how much space in the smartphone camera module is used by the sensor but less useful for gauging total light set as megapixel counts vary between smartphones. This is where pixel size comes in, giving a primary measure of how large the different photodetectors are in the camera sensor.

To solely put, the bigger the pixel size the lighter it captures which increases the image quality, improves the dynamic range, and decreases the noise in low light situations. That being said, Ice Universe is saying the Galaxy S11+ will take 108MP pictures but it’ll not save it in that resolution, instead, it will turn them into 12MP images using 9to1 binning technology happening in the pixel size of 2.4micro meter or micron.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

The 2.4 micron is great here. It’s the world’s biggest pixel size ever put in a smartphone. To give you example the iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 XL both have 1.4-micron pixel size. Like I’ve said, the higher the pixel size the better so the 2.4-micron Pixel size of the S11+ is going to be significantly bigger and will soon result in great low light photos related to the Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 Pro.

Soon, some of you might be questioning that why is Samsung not using the full 108MP images, why they’re binning it to 12MP. Well, that’s because if they use the full 108MP thoughts then the Pixel size would be 0.8 microns. That would result in bad low light photos and hence they’re binning it to 12MP. So when Onleaks shared the first look of the Galaxy S11+, it showed a huge camera box with asymmetrical camera arrangement.

Ice Universe immediately looked out that the rendering is wrong, the real phone won’t have this messy camera layout. And now he tweeted out an image of the Galaxy S11+ showing the original camera arrangement. Now I’m not sure if this is the real leader render or he made it himself but it looks clean, symmetrical, and way better than what Onleaks published in his renders.

We can’t see the full layout but what we can see is the ultrawide camera, the main camera, and the periscope zoom lens. On the right, we should have a time of flight sensor, the flash and possibly a laser autofocus sensor. That being said, let me know what do you think? Does the camera look better now or you still don’t like the way it looks? Do let me know down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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