Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – CAMERA SAMPLES 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus camera examples have been reported. Samsung will reveal the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra beside the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ today at the bulk event.

So we’re just 24 hours away from the unpacked event and the Galaxy S20 is leaking like crazy. It’s normal for Samsung flagships to leak before they make it official but the Galaxy S20 is setting a new standard. We saw pictures of the handset, we saw hands-on videos, pricing as well and now we are getting camera samples of the Galaxy S20 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The first picture showcases the zoom capability of the S20 Plus. This first image is taken from the main camera and this one is the zoomed-in image. The S20 and S20 Plus can zoom in up to 30 times. Remember that this image is from the S20 Plus and not the S20 Ultra so it doesn’t have that much detail in the zoomed-in image. Here’s another picture comparison of the S10 and S20’s camera.

As you can see the picture from the S10 looks vibrant and sharp whereas the S20+ shows realistic colors, it has less noise but the image isn’t as sharp as the S10 for some reason. You need to keep in mind that it’s not the final software so things will most probably change. We also have the night mode picture samples. As you can see there is a big improvement.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The images taken from the s20 Plus are not only brighter but also have more detail. The S20 Ultra hasn’t been used here which offers big camera upgrades such as 108MP camera, bigger sensor, bigger Pixel size and more. My source just informed me that Samsung is pretty proud of what they achieved with the night mode on the S20 Ultra so that got me really excited about this phone.

So yeah, if you want big camera gains then the S20 Ultra is what you should look forward to. Again it’s worth mentioning that these images were taken from a pre-released camera software which means the final retail units should have better image processing than this. Also here are some Galaxy S20 tidbits.

My source just reached out to me with some new information. So it’s confirmed 100x space zoom is the final and only branding on the Ultra. The engineering variants had 10x Hybrid optic zoom branding but Samsung decided to go with this one instead. Also, Ultra will have gorilla glass 6 both at the front and back and also at the cameras. The S20 can switch between the front and rear cameras while you record the videos which is going to be really helpful.

Also the screen of the S20 family emits 15% less blue light compared to the S10 so that your eyes doesn’t strain even if you use the device for extended periods of time. The 8K video recording on the Ultra will be limited to 24fps, the Ultra will bin 9 pixels to create 12MP images and finally, the 45W charging is limited to the S20 Ultra only.

Also in a very surprising move, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip trailer a day before the event during Oscars 2020. It’s a 30-second commercial that shows what we know already. The small, 1-inch cover screen is also seen in the teaser video, showing a caller’s name and an option to answer or reject the call. Also, a small print at the bottom says the crease is normal, which we saw already through hands-on videos. The unpacked event is finally here tomorrow, let me know what do you think down in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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