Samsung Galaxy S21 will have some significant camera upgrades. It will have a Penta lens camera system including the main camera could be 150MP. Samsung will down the laser autofocus of the Galaxy S21 Ultra

So the Galaxy S20 series of phones are Samsung’s current flagships and they’re certainly worthy of consideration if you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone in 2020. But the Galaxy S20 Ultra which has the best camera specs on paper but the Exynos variant of the handset suffered from autofocus issues which weren’t a good look for a smartphone of the Galaxy S caliber.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Sure, Samsung fixed it with firmware updates but it sure did a number on the flagship’s reputation. Now it seems Samsung doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice and thereby they are planning to drop the laser autofocus used on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy S21 should have the conventional dual phase detection autofocus like every other flagships out there.

Not only that according to reports from Taiwan, but the Galaxy S21 could also have a Penta lens camera system. The main camera is going to be 150MP. We’ve talked about this in previous videos that Samsung is the maker of this camera sensor and they are going to use Xiaomi as a beta tester again just like they did with their 108MP sensor.

Other cameras include a 64MP telephoto lens, a 16MP wide-angle sensor, and additionally, a 12MP macro lens. Samsung’s Galaxy A range of devices already use the macro sensor so it only makes sense for them to bring it to their premium tier smartphones as well. Also, the reports mention that Samsung is testing two versions of the Galaxy S21. The first one has Optical Image Stabilization on the main and telephoto lenses, as well as on the selfie camera, while the other version features OIS for the main camera, telephoto lens, and the wide-angle camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21

We’ll have to wait and see which model would end up on the production line. By the way, it’s worth mentioning that it’s still too early for the Galaxy S21 news! Usually things change as the development advances so it’s worth taking all of this information with a pinch of salt. Anyway, Samsung is also considering using the under-display camera technology on the Galaxy S21 if everything goes as intended.

The Galaxy S21 could also be the first handset to feature the AMD Radeon graphics, a few days ago we saw how powerful the graphics really are and totally decimated the Adreno 650 of the Snapdragon 865 in GPU tests. So it seems Samsung wants to make the Galaxy S21 a substantial upgrade and that’s a great thing but we’ll see if the device can actually live up to the hype, next year.

NFC is primarily used today for data exchange such as for mobile payments, but The NFC Forum announced this week that the NFC standard has been updated to include limited support for wireless charging. Similar to the wireless power share. It’s basically a reverse wireless charging but instead of charging your smartphone, it charges the accessory such as the smartwatch or Bluetooth headphones because its rates peak at a single watt much less than 4.5W offered by Samsung’s wireless power share.

But still, that’s great news as it means there’s no need for a second antenna on the wearables. Right now, for reverse wireless charging to work you need coils on both of the devices. So with this new NFC, budget and midrange smartphones can have reverse wireless charging in the future but with a mere 1W of charging speeds. With that said, let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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