Samsung – They Are Finally Doing It Right

Samsung has become better at software updates. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite also Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be announced at CES 2020.

Samsung makes one of the best devices out there! But there’s one area they’re not really good at when you compare it to so companies like Apple and Google, is the timely software updates. I see a lot of comments in which you guys express your frustration at Samsung taking its sweet time to release updates.


Many of you say that you will give up on the company and switch to another brand. It’s relevant to mention here that Samsung is possibly the only major Android manufacturer to deliver a lot of devices every year in almost all markets, big and small, and the fact that it leads to update them all is important regardless of how many cost it takes.

But still I do agree that they should do better with these updates and thankfully it looks like Samsung has gotten significantly better at providing timely software updates. The Galaxy S10 got the Android 10 update in November which is way earlier when you compare it to last year with the Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy Note 10 also got the Android 10 update a couple of weeks later. Also, earlier Samsung typicaly used to wait until after the release of its Galaxy S flagships to ship devices with the latest version of Android. But that changed this year, the midrange devices like the Galaxy A51, A71 and also some Galaxy M devices was launched with the Android 10 out of the box.


Upcoming devices like the Galaxy S10 lite and Note 10 Lite will also come with Android 10 right of the box. Not only that Samsung has gotten better in providing security updates too. Devices like the Galaxy Note 9 and Note 10 has gotten the december security updates before the schedule and even before the Pixel devices. So Samsung is getting better in the software update department, they’ve certainly come a long way and it’s something I guess should be brought to notice.

The only thing that they need to change now is the duration of the software support. Right now they give updates for 2 years and I think it’s time now to make that 3 years considering how ridiculousy expensive phones have gotten these days and people are holding onto their devices longer than ever before.

The Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite are near flagship devices. We’ve talked about the features of these two handsets quite a few times in the past butY today we have learned about a new feature that makes these devices really compelling. You ssee both of these devices will also have the 3D optical fingeprint scanner. It’s not going to be the optical one which is good because not only it’s not secure but Samsung’s optical scanner implementation is not really good.

So good to see they’re going to see the same fingerprint scanners that their premium flagship devices come with. That said, these two devices will be launched at CES tech show which will be held in January. Do let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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