Samsung is building an Artificial Human named Neon which will be uncovered at CES in January. Also, a fresh look at the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus bestows a cleaner camera design

Samsung is making an artificial human. Yes, you heard that right. Samsung is gearing up to reinvent everything we know about smart assistants. They’re calling it Neon which they will unveil in just 10 days at the consumer electronics show in January. The company has previously created a dedicated website also even a Facebook, Twitter, including Instagram page for Neon.


Their twitter page tweeted out this saying Neon equals to artificial human. Now, I don’t know what exactly this is, I’ll leave that to you to draw your own conclusions as to what that means. Exactly what we do understand is that it’s not the next version of Bixby. Samsung needs to bypass any misunderstanding with Bixby declaring that Neon is NOT about Bixby, or anything you have noticed before.

It’s a brand new thing. Based on the official teasers of Neon we can say it’s going to be an AI-Powered digital human which could replicate the emotions and intelligence of us, real humans. Samsung also shared these images with a question have you ever met an artificial in 5 different languages indicating that Neon will support many languages across the world.

The good thing is we don’t have to long to find out what exactly Neon is as CES is just 10 days away from now and I’ll make sure to keep you updated when they officially reveal it so you can consider subscribing if you haven’t already. A few weeks ago Onleaks revealed the first look of the Galaxy S11 Plus with this huge messy camera layout. And soon after Ice Universe tweeted that the rendering is wrong saying the real phone won’t be this messy.

Soon Ice Universe tweeted this image which to be honest looked miles better than the original one. Now, Onleaks corrected his renderings and tweeted this new updated image of the camera layout of the Galaxy S11 Plus. As you can see, it looks better than the old one but still, I’m not really a fan of this design. It looks better here on this rendering but still looks hideous in this one.

I guess the real phone will look better considering the fact that Onleaks renders always look bad when compared to the real handsets. Another interesting thing is the phone will have 4 cameras instead of 5.

Normal, wide-angle, periscope zoom camera and time of flight sensor. Then the news that the Galaxy S11 will have different laser autofocus isn’t true.I guess it’ll have the regular dual pixel phase detect autofocus seen on devices like the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned a couple of days ago the Galaxy S11 may not be called the S11 after all, there are rumors that they’ll name it the Galaxy S20 instead, I kinda like the new name, I see some of you don’t which is okay because a lot of us don’t like change.

Anyway, do let me know whether or not you want them to change the name to Galaxy S20 in the comment section down below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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