Samsung To Bring Back Removable Batteries?

Samsung phones with detachable batteries could come rear in the prospect

Do you recognize some years ago when swapping batteries in smartphones was something very easy? All we wanted to do was remove the back cover, discharge the battery, and supplant it with a new But Nowadays, it is a remarkably rare commodity. It’s been years as flagship phones and laptops come with easily detachable batteries, especially from businesses like Samsung and Apple.

If you buy a phone today, chances are you can’t easily remove the battery yourself. If you really want to try it out, it’ll require dozens of steps, including the removal of delicate pieces like the screen and the logic board. It’s not for the faint of heart. For iPhones, that’s been the case since day one. Flagship Android phones and laptops have followed suit.

Because batteries are often the first components to fail, that puts an unnecessary expiration date on these expensive devices. Apple’s even admitted to slowing down processors to not kill the batteries on older phones so quickly. That’s why the European Union has decided that every smartphone maker including giants like Samsung and Apple would have to ensure that every device on the market has a user-removable battery.

This means these companies will need to redesign their products to make all batteries user-removable and replaceable. According to a leaked report received by a dutch commercial website, the EU isn’t happy with the actual scenario of modern batteries, It reads that if the user can modify the battery hassle-free, he would do so and keep the device for higher instead of discarding it after two years of use.


The proposal also suggests that manufacturers need to make the parts easily accessible to help third-party service centers. Furthermore, the plan includes recycling and re-using raw materials after discarding an electronic device. Basically the main objective is to reduce electronic waste which is great and all but this would also mean smartphones would lose some key features such as waterproofing, and slim design.

On one hand, I would want this to occur because batteries degrade much fast, In a year a 5000mAh battery decreases to like 4000mAh and will keep on losing its capacity over time.

Considering smartphones now cost $1400 people are going to hold on to them longer than before. So the benefit of replacing the battery with a new one after a year or two is going to keep the device in its peak condition but on the other hand, I don’t want to lose features like water resistance, a slim design and more.

Even though I can live without it but I still want them to be present on my $1400 phone. So I kinda have mixed feelings about this, This plan will be presented sometime in the next month. Only time will tell if the replaceable batteries will make a return in smartphones. Samsung is one of the biggest wearable brands in the world, in fact, they are at the number 3 spot according to the latest data from IDC.

Samsung sold over 30.9 million units of smart wearables which include smartwatches and Bluetooth earphones. Apple is at the number one spot with 106.5 million smartwatches and AirPods. Xiaomi was the second most prominent wearable brand last year, selling 41.7 million wearables. As Samsung just removed the headphone jack last year, I’m sure Samsung will become the number two spot from Xiaomi in a matter of months.

With that being said, do let me know your thoughts on the removable batteries, Would you be okay with losing some potential features such as waterproofing and slim chassis to get a removable battery? let me know down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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