Here’s how to make cropped screenshots of WhatsApp status readable 2020

cropped screenshots of WhatsApp status: Anyone who notices problems with screenshots shared in the state of WhatsApp, sometimes difficult to view because they are cropped, (a problem if there is text), should try a trick as simple as effective. Let’s see what it’s about.

A trick to make screenshots of the status of WhatsApp legible
It is not uncommon that using the well-known Facebook home app, less experienced users encounter an annoying bug related to screenshots shared in the state. It is now known that WhatsApp the app automatically cuts part of the image of the latter, sometimes making it difficult to read everything. A headache for example with images containing text, if resized.

screenshots of WhatsApp status

cropped screenshots of WhatsApp status:

Here, precisely in these situations, the trick we mentioned above may come in handy, a triviality to which it is not said you thought: use the so-called pinch to zoom (out) to enlarge the image with two fingers.

In other words, if you see a screenshot in the state of WhatsApp enlarged and therefore not completely readable there is nothing else to do than to enlarge the image with your fingers as you would with any photo in your gallery. Simple isn’t it?

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