The “Argentina is doing it” file on a WhatsApp hoax no1 app: the only risk you run

WhatsApp hoax no1 app

Only two related dangers: annoy some contacts and seriously alarm others,

In these hours an announcement about the file “Argentina is doing it” is circulating on WhatsApp:

a text note would warn everyone from a document named in this way and that would hide a virus. For the avoidance of misunderstandings, it must be said immediately that it is a hoax, not too dissimilar from others of the past but which today turns out to be even more annoying than usual.

The text note asks to pay attention to the videos that will come right via WhatsApp because the one named, in fact, as “Argentina is doing it” instead of presenting a phantom data curve (it is not known then what), would contain a virus in able to hack the smartphone in just 10 seconds. All false, there is no movie in circulation with this name at the moment and still not with this destructive potential.

WhatsApp hoax
WhatsApp hoax

The “Argentina is doing it” file on a WhatsApp hoax: the only risk you run

Remember the memory of other similar hoaxes, also of the recent past such as the one related to WhatsApp Gold. Even in that case, there was talk of malware ready to hack your mobile device but the threat was only random and not real. Confirming that the file “Argentina is doing it” is also a piece of fake news without any foundation, the now-viral message refers to the announcement on the TV of the danger. Of course, nothing was ever communicated by the press and the danger is totally non-existent.

The “Argentina is doing it” file on a WhatsApp hoax: the only risk you run

So what danger is there, not so much by receiving the announcement of the surreal malware, but by sharing it as much as I can, especially in the group chat? As usual, it is necessary to be annoying to all those who immediately identify the fake nature of the message. On the contrary, there is also the risk that the less informed will fall into the trap and be alarmed also by this fake and non-existent danger. In short, the golden rule of spasmodic non-sharing also applies in this case.

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