The government’s maxi amendment graces telephone portability 2020 emergency due to the COVID-19

government's maxi amendment graces

The government’s maxi-amendment approved in the Senate on 9 April 2020 in relation to the Cura Italia Decree does not implement the measure that provided for the portability blocking until 18 May 2020 put forward by Lega and M5s to reduce contagions from Coronavirus.

The AGCM had proven against the stop of telephone portability considering the disproportionate and unreasonable measure, capable of seriously damaging consumers, especially in a network congestion situation such as the current one, where many work activities are forced to operate in a smart working regime.

government’s maxi: Portability and number migrations are possible

Article 82 originally present in the DL Cura Italia entitled “Measures intended for operators providing electronic communications networks and services”, therefore establishes only the strengthening of the infrastructures to guarantee the functioning of the networks and the fulfillment of any request on improving the capacity of the network coming from users, with priority to the defined priority sectors.

In addition, in paragraph 6 it is stated that the Authority for Communications Guarantees will have to modify or integrate the regulatory framework, where necessary, for the pursuit of the purposes of the Decree.

AGCOM has already launched a permanent consultation and discussion table with operators to establish urgent measures to deal with the current network emergency due to the COVID-19 epidemic, in implementation of article 82 of the Cura Italia decree.


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