This Is a WEIRD Yet POWERFUL Smartphone

POWERFUL Smartphone

Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone will ought powerful specs such as 90W charging however will also have a side-mounted pop-up camera as selfies.

So We’ve had plenty of weird, wonderful and forward-thinking phone designs over the years. You might be forgiven for thinking that all smartphones are the same, but they certainly aren’t. Surely, some were just plain old weird, while others were as foul as the debris from an offal truck. Even the big boys like Samsung were accountable for many of those as well to be fair, although Nokia has to continue its hand up too.

And just when we thought the era of weird smartphones is officially over, Lenovo introduces themselves to the world. They are making a gaming phone with a side-mounted pop-up selfie camera. XDA Developers has found some screenshots from an official video of this Lenovo’s gaming phone which has some of the amazing specs like 90W of fast charging but also the weirdest camera position we’ve seen in recent times.

Weird because it’s not very ergonomic, since you’re going to take a selfie or a video call with your hand across that area. So it will get annoying real quick if you take a lot of selfies or make video calls. But if you think about it, the placement actually makes sense for some people. Since this is a gaming phone Lenovo likely expects users to spend most of their time playing games.

PUBG, Fortnite, call of duty are some of the most popular mobile games out there and they are all in landscape orientation. With the increase of users playing these games there’s also an increase in people live streaming these games and they are already including cams with it. So there’s a market out there. Lenovo envisions gamers streaming these titles as well as their faces in this orientation and that’s the reason for this weird place for the pop-up selfie camera.

POWERFUL Smartphone
POWERFUL Smartphone

But for people who have no intention in live streaming, this camera might become an issue as they will need to be careful not to block the camera when holding the phone upright which is not an issue for traditional pop-up camera phones. Anyway, this phone also has 90W of fast charging capabilities which is insane.

Lenovo says this will fill the phone’s 5000mAh battery from empty in just 30 minutes. The phone also has 144Hz of smooth OLED display even better than the likes of Galaxy S20 Ultra and OnePlus 8 Pro. Interestingly there are two USB ports, one on the bottom edge like you’d expect, and the other on the side opposite the camera, so you can charge with a cable without getting your hand caught.

Other specs include Snapdragon 865, two cameras on the back, a 64MP main sensor, and a 16MP ultrawide sensor. The aforementioned side-mounted selfie camera is a 20MP sensor. last but not the least the phone will have a full edge to edge display which is a given considering it has a pop-up camera. Anyway let me know what do you think about this phone down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

Sources: Ocean Of Android

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