Facebook returns to NSO charge for the WhatsApp hacker attack

WhatsApp hacker attack: At the end of last year, the WhatsApp team decided to bring a lawsuit against NSO Group, accused of creating an exploit used hundreds of times to hack smartphones and have access to messages and other communications on the “victims” devices. .

WhatsApp hacker attack

Well, Facebook has stepped up its action against the NSO Group, filing allegations that the latter used US servers to organize its spyware attacks, using Pegasus software.

Facebook raises accusations against NSO for the exploit on WhatsApp
According to the giant of social networks, NSO would have used the QuadraNet hosting service in Los Angeles “more than 700 times” to infect users with malware, adding that an Amazon server was also involved. This would directly contradict NSO’s claims that it could not carry out operations in the United States and overcome the problems related to jurisdiction.

WhatsApp hacker attack

The Facebook legal team also tried to refute the exceptions raised by NSO regarding his immunity because of the government clientele he can claim.

An NSO spokesman, in commenting on the new accusations, limited himself to denying without adding particularly important topics.

Recall that the team of WhatsApp developers quickly corrected the vulnerability.

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