Xiaomi still withdraws Android 10 for Mi A3: And we are at the third time

Xiaomi still withdraws Android 10:There are weddings that, as Alessandro Manzoni said, are not to be done. Apparently the one between Xiaomi Mi A3 and Android 10 is one of these, given that even the third attempt to get married has failed dramatically.

Xiaomi still withdraws Android 10:

The story between Xiaomi’s A-series smartphones and the new Android versions is a painful story, made up of sensational bugs that inexplicably afflicted the Chinese giant’s Android One product line in an unexpected way. It would be expected that porting a stock version of Android should not create problems, but apparently for Xiaomi, the speech is not valid.

After two unsuccessful attempts, with the update withdrawn hastily by Xiaomi, it was more than logical to expect that the third time was the good one. In late February the first update was released, withdrawn immediately, and in mid-March Xiaomi tried again, with the same result.

Xiaomi still withdraws Android 10
Xiaomi still withdraws Android 10

It must be said that the third update did not cause problems for all users who installed it and that the first two releases also saw cases of users without problems, but apparently Xiaomi has registered too many problems of a certain magnitude, preferring to opt so for a new retreat.

If you have found an installation file or have received the notification, you should, therefore, ignore it and wait for the release, hopefully definitive. Otherwise, you may have to face random restarts, high consumption, problems with the fingerprint reader, delays in the interface and in the camera, which makes the user experience unpleasant.

Sources: Gizmochina.com

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