Forget wireless charging, future Xiaomi phones could be recharged by the sun

Keeping your phone battery topped up whereas on the go has been a perennial pain within the backside for users since the dawn of the smartphone. Those in sunny climes couldsometime have an answerdue to a newly-unearthed patent for a solar-powered smartphone from Xiaomi.The World belongingsworkplace patent, initialnoticed by LetsGoDigital, contains diagrams of a reasonablycustomary, bezel-less phone from each the front and facet angles, however on the rear we are able to clearly see a sheet of electrical phenomenonstar panels just like the kind you’d realize on high of associate degree eco-aware house or edificesolelyabundant smaller in size.

udging by the patent pictures, Xiaomi’s hypothetic, environmentally-friendly phone wouldn’t be a lot of thicker than your average smartphone. The camera module stands proudon the far side the rear panel, whereas the star sheet sits flush, or even perhaps below the rear glass. a number of Xiaomi’s recent phones just like the Mi nine and Mi eightprofessionalused see through rear glass, thusthis might accommodate the electrical device.

While there isn’t any further detail to travel on from the WIPO patent, the electrical deviceappears to be pretty clearly meant as a method to recharge the phone’s regular battery. Flipping your phone over towards daylight for a fast boost will surely be a a lot of elegant different to lugging around a chunky moveable charger or attempting to findassociate degree unoccupied, painfully slow wireless charger in McDonald’s.

While Xiaomi’s style would be the foremoststatus case thus far, isn’t the primary time we’ve seen alternative energyintegrated into phones. Samsung’s Guru E1107 Crest star used an identicalstyle (albeit for a way less power-hungry phone) and LG toyed with the technology with a star case for the GD510 back in 2010.

Of course, this can besimply a patent and may be treated per se. There’s no guarantee we’ll ever really see a solar-powered phone from the Chinese whole. Though, considering Xiaomi is reportedly invested with in new charging school like reverse wireless charging, it wouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a stretch.

With advancements in star and smartphone technology, would a Xiaomi star phone shine brilliantly or be left within the shadows? We’d like to hear your thoughts within the comments!


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