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How to change CSC code on your Samsung Galaxy device

The client Service Code (CSC) of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone makes positive that your device is adhering to the communication standards for your country and mobile carrier. The CSC conjointly determines the supply for the periodic OTA updates you receive.

Suppose you’re moving to a unique country, you’llneedto alter your phone’s CSC code to the one that works in your new country. you mayconjointlyamendment your CSC to a service code that usually receives quickerupdates.

Up till the Samsung Galaxy Note ninedynamical the CSC accustomed be an easymethod. However, with the introduction of the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung appearsto possessmodifiedthe foundationscreating it harderto alterthe first CSC.

Step 1. Keep the SIM card of the region you wishto alter to within the device.

Step 2. Flash the phone with the computer code for your region mistreatment the wipe CSC package (use the file that starts with CSC, not Home_CSC).

Step 3. look ahead to the phone to restart.

The device ought to be ready todevelop the new CSC through the SIM card’s region.

This should however well, howeversadly, this trick didn’t work for several users, that leads North American country to Zer0byZer0‘s tip. in step with the “Junior Member” at XDA, the solethanks tomodification the CSC manually is to try to to it via TWRP. this canwant root access, and therefore the pledge of your device are going to be void beneath this methodology (it didn’t beneaththe tactic above).

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader of your device.

Step 2. Flash TWRP recovery.

Step 3. Flash a custom ROM.

Step 4. Edit your /efs/imei/mps_code.dat to the CSC you prefer.

Step 5. Relock your bootloader.

Step 6. Re-flash the stock ROM.

Be warned that playing the steps mentioned higher thancan void Knox Security and your device’s pledge.

Source: XDA Community


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