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How to use Spotify Android app

Spotify is one among our favourite music apps within the market without delay. Discovering music on Spotify could be a breeze. we have a tendency to forever return to the app wanting our daily dose of music. Now, you’ll be able to too. hear your favorite songs and expand your listing to seek out new songs and artists that you simply might like.If you’re still speculative why you ought to use Spotify and a lot of significantly, however you may use it. allow us to provide you with a tour of the app and a gradual guide to grasp this app higher.

How to get Spotify on your phone

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and look from Spotify. You can also click here to open the search results directly. Or, simply download the app from the links below:
  2. Spotify app
  3. Spotify Lite app
  4. Download the app. Tap the Install button to download the app.
  5. Open the app, sign up and you’re in.

How to configure your profile on Spotify

  1. For initial time users, Spotify can assist you get on board the train by showing you some slides classified by vogue and creator. select all the choices which will apply to you.
  2. You can forever add a lot of artists to your profile later.

How to navigate the home screen on Spotify

  1. You will 1st see Daily Mixes for you during a sort of genres of your selecting.
  2. Scroll down the screen, you’ll see suggested playlists, artists and genres.
  3. The screen also will show you trending and common playlists. Go on, and keep exploring until you discover what you’d wish to hear.

How to play music on Spotify

  1. When you opt for a list, simply faucet thereon.
  2. You’ll see a button that says Shuffle Play. faucet on this button to let the app can play the songs within the list by shuffling their order.
  3. If you don’t need to shuffle the list simply faucet on the primary song. Now, it’ll play the songs so as, consecutively.
  4. For playback choices simply check up on all-time low of the screen. You’ll see a light-weight gray band which will have the present song’s name thereon.
  5. Tapping on a song can show you the controls for the song.

How to use the search feature on Spotify

  1. Again, look to the lowest of the screen and faucet on the search button.
  2. You can sort within the song or creative person you’re trying to find. It’ll additionally show you your high genres followed by all the genres within the world to decide on from.
  3. Hit the search button, the app can show you albums, songs, creative person profiles and playlists that feature your search terms.
  4. Tap on associate degree possibility that appears relevant to your search.

How to use Your Library on Spotify

  1. Tap on “Your library” at all-time low of the screen.
  2. Here, it’ll show you 2 choices, Music and Podcasts.
  3. If you faucet on Music, the app can show you your favorite playlists, artists and albums.
  4. There’s a folder referred to as “Liked Songs”, right below “Create Playlist”. faucet on the folder to flick through songs you’ve favorited.
  5. Tap on “Podcasts” to envision podcasts you’re following.
  6. Tap on any episode you wish to concentrate to.

How to create your own playlist on Spotify

  1. Go to Your library 1st and underneath music, you’ll see “Create Playlist”. Tap on it
  2. Name your listing.
  3. Tap on “Add Songs”.
  4. Search for songs you’d prefer to augment the listing.
  5. Or you may search from the choices that the app must supply. you’ll swipe right to ascertain classes that you just typically explore.
  6. Tap on the add button or ‘+’ button to feature a song to the listing.
  7. You can access your listing from Your Library underneath the Music section.

How to add songs to your library on Spotify

  1. Tap on the gray band that has the present song taking part in.
  2. Tap on the center button right next to the song.
  3. The song can currently be another to the “Liked songs” folder in Your Library.
  4. You’ll see a heart button all over on the app. If you would like to feature associate degree album faucet on the center button next to the name of the album. If you would like to feature a play list, do identical.

How to configure Settings on Spotify

Go to your home screen, by sound on the house button at rock bottom of your screen.
You’ll see the settings button to the highest right of your screen. Tap on it.
Here, you’ll be able to disable/enable specific content, flip the info saver on/off, disable/enable autoplay, hook up with different devices, hook up with Facebook or share your listening history on the Spotify app.
Go through the settings and tweak the controls for your preference.

So, currently you recognize a way to approach victimization the app. we have a tendency to suggest you get on the Spotify train as presently as attainable. You’re not about to miss it, however it’s higher to be early than late. it’s conjointly higher to be late than ne’er about to expertise the marvel that’s Spotify.


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