Looks like Android 10 may not release on Sept 3rd, or it still might

Yesterday, we tend to were happy to envision Canadian carriers Telus and Rogers sort-of ensure the humanoid ten unharness date to be Sept third in their ‘software update schedule.’ But well, we tend to categorical our doubt concerning it — that the full factor isn’t the opposite method spherical as a result of the rumor concerning the Sept third being the discharge date originated initial, and creating anyone answerable of getting ready the schedule charts to figure that because the confirmed unharness date, victimization an equivalent within the carrier’s own official update schedule.

Turns out it had been so the opposite method spherical. Why, as a result of Rogers simply updated its page once more to get rid of the pel three updates from its schedule. That doesn’t mean the pel phones don’t seem to be obtaining humanoid ten presently, once really they’re going to be the primary to urge the update with or while not OnePlus matching them for it, however it will lay a significant doubt on the alleged unharness date of Sept third.

Furthermore, Rogers removing the constituent devices from their ‘update schedule’ additionally doesn’t mean humanoid ten definitely won’t unleash on Sept. 3rd. it’s going to simply be that the carrier didn’t wish to convey any date because the unleash date of humanoid ten as a result of this was being taken because the official unleash date by individuals round the world. Confirming any date because the official unleash date would be wrong on carrier’s half unless approved by Google, in order that they had need to take away it, though they recognize surely that that’s the date. And that’s the thing!

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So, what gives? Well, you continue to cannot take Sept third because the official unharness date of humanoid ten update, however it’d simply unharness on Sept third, however Rogers doesn’t wish to place that date forward. That’s all.


Above is yesterday’s ‘update schedule’ from Rogers that has currently been redacted to get rid of constituent three updates (in order to NOT mention the Sep third because the official humanoid ten unleash date, we tend to presume).


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