OnePlus Android Q update: Device list and release date

OnePlus is that the solely non-Google OEM that presently guarantees a minimum of 3 humanoid OS upgrades for its devices. the corporate already has up to four smartphones participating in humanoid Q beta program and even higher is that almost all of its existing phones are upgraded to humanoid Q.

With longer package support warranted, currently the large question is once can humanoid Q arrive for every of the devices in question? Let’s decide.


Is my OnePlus device eligible for Android Q?

Let’s check that OnePlus devices can get the humanoidalphabetic character update, and also thecalculableunharness dates.

OnePlus Android Q device list

Eligible OnePlus deviceAndroid Q Release date (estimated)
OnePlus 7 Pro 5GNovember 2019
OnePlus 7 ProOctober-November 2019
OnePlus 7October-November 2019
OnePlus 6TDecember 2019
OnePlus 6December 2019
OnePlus 5TFebruary 2020
OnePlus 5February 2020

When will my OnePlus get Android Q?

  • OnePlus 7, sevenprofessionalought to get robotalphabetic character in Oct-Nov 2019
  • OnePlus half dozen and 6T ought to get robotalphabetic character in Dec 2019
  • Android alphabetic character expected on OnePlus 5/5T in Q2 2020
  • Android alphabetic character developer preview (DP3) is out there for OnePlus half dozen series and OnePlus sevenseries

OnePlus Android Q release date

OnePlus has registered four smartphones into automaton letter of the alphabet beta testing program. As of Gregorian calendar month thirteen, any of OnePlus seven, OnePlus seven professional, OnePlus vi or OnePlus 6T may be accustomed strive the most recent automaton letter of the alphabet developer preview computer code.

The premium OnePlus seven professional 5G, yet because the aging OnePlus five and 5T, are eligible for AN update to automaton letter of the alphabet, however they aren’t a part of the present beta testing program.

While we have a tendency to expect the 5G variant to receive the stable update to letter of the alphabet before the tip of 2019, OnePlus isn’t in any major hurry to upgrade the five and 5T to letter of the alphabet, however Q2 2020 looks affordable for a unleash date. After all, OnePlus three and 3T got their third major OS upgrade in Q2.

OnePlus Android Q update features.

OnePlus robotQ update canembrace OxygenOS customizations on high. At this time in time, we have a tendency todon’t grasp what plans OnePlus has futurehoweverwe have a tendency to do grasp most of the options the underlying OS canawaken OnePlus devices.

You can examinerobotQoptionseach confirmed and reported arrivals.

OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7 Pro 5G Android Q update.

  • All three are eligible
  • Beta available for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro (DP3)
  • Stable version should arrive in Oct-Nov 2019

Owners of OnePlus seven, OnePlus seven professional and OnePlus seven professional 5G can receive mechanical man letter of the alphabet update. So far, the unfastened variants of the OnePlus seven and seven professional have already got access to mechanical man letter of the alphabet beta and square measure expected to receive the stable version somewhere in early this autumn 2019, though we tend to won’t be stunned if the OS arrives in late Q3 2019.

OnePlus 6 and 6T Android Q update.

  • Both are eligible for Android Q
  • Beta testing is ongoing (DP3)
  • Stable version expected in December 2019

OnePlus six and 6T were among the primary non-Google devices to be another to the continuing robot Q beta testing program. The pair is additionally expected to be among the primary non-Google phones to receive the stable version, presumably towards the tip of the year.

OnePlus 5 and 5T Android Q update.

  • Both are eligible for Android Q update
  • OnePlus in no major hurry to update the duo
  • Expect Q to arrive in Q1 2020

OnePlus five and 5T area unitcertain to receive updates to automatonalphabetic characterhowever OnePlus says it won’t be in any major hurry to unharness the software system to the pairthe three and 3T got their third major OS upgrade in April/May 2019 and if OnePlus is to follow constant pattern, we tend toarea unitgazingassociateApril/May 2020 unharness date for OnePlus five and 5T automatonalphabetic character update.

But after allwe will be a touch optimistic, thereforetake careto line your eyes on February 2020 because thepotentialautomatonalphabetic characterunharness date for OnePlus five and 5T, thoughthis might be the beta version.

OnePlus 3 and 3T Android Q update.

  • Not eligible for Android Q
  • Expect plenty of custom ROMs

OnePlus three and 3T square measure the primary non-Google devices ever to receive 3 major mechanical man OS updates formally. As a result, they’ve return to the top of the road, that additionally means that no mechanical man letter updates from OnePlus.

The only different thanks to get mechanical man letter, Android R, and possibly mechanical man S on your OnePlus three and 3T are going to be through custom ROMs. And yes, you’ll be able to expect lots of them from the likes of LingeageOS, pel expertise, and so on.

OnePlus One, 2 and X Android Q update.

  • None is eligible for Android Q
  • Custom ROMs should be available

Its been years since OnePlus formally upgraded the golem OS put in on any of OnePlus One, OnePlus a pair of and OnePlus X. this is often set to travel on even once the discharge of golem alphabetic character, however like with previous versions, expect lots of custom ROMs supported golem alphabetic character for these devices.


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