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Qualcomm will let you update GPU drivers via the Play Store

Qualcomm will let you update GPU drivers via the Play Store

The flower 865 and 765 chipsets were undraped yesterday and can power a number of high-end and higher mid-range phones in 2020. We’ve already coated the key details, however, one rather attention-grabbing addition is that the ability for users to simply update their GPU drivers.

Qualcomm aforesaid that it’ll permit GPU drivers to be updated via the Google Play Store, that may be a lot of easier manner of doing things than the present answer. Right now, GPU drivers area unit prepacked with system updates, necessitating carrier approval before they get sent to your phone.

Qualcomm’s new answer still needs makers to check the GPU driver updates before deploying it to the Play Store. however surgical operation carrier testing ought to on paper lead to a quicker thanks to getting these updates.

These driver updates area unit a key thanks to bringing drum sander performance and to mend crashes/glitches in games. It additionally opens the door for brand spanking new graphics-related options down the road.

It’s believed that the power to update GPU drivers via the Play Store is thanks to Google implementing Project inject in robot ten. Project inject permits users to achieve security patches and updated robot system parts via the Play Store.

Unfortunately, mechanical man Polices reports that GPU driver updates via the Play Store won’t be returning to older chipsets, however, notes that it’ll be a fixture on all coming flower SoCs.

We’ve asked Qualcomm to clarify many details, as well as the likelihood of users sideloading these GPU updates. We’ll update the article when/if they retreat to the US.


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