Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Apple iPhone XS Max: Which is right for you?

The freshlyproclaimed Samsung Galaxy Note tenandis that the latest top-of-the-line flagship French telephonewithin the Note family. it’sseveral high-end optionsas well asan enormous screen, lots of RAM and aboard storage, associate degree embedded stylus, and fara lot of.How will the Note tenand compare to this flagship phone from Samsung’s biggest rival? Let’s compare the specs and value of the Note tenand with the Apple iPhone XS soap.


The Galaxy Note tenandis sort of as giantbecause the Galaxy S10 5G, that was 1stdischargedsimplymanymonths agone in might 2019. Design-wise, its bezels area unit smaller compared to the older Note nine phone, with an enormous screen-to-body magnitude relation. Its front-facing camera uses the popular punch hole styleto featureeven a lot ofshowhouse to the phone. The screen itself may be aimmensehalf dozen.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O show with 498ppi and a resolution of three,040 x 1,440.

Inside the Note tenand, there’s a Qualcomm flower 855 processor for the U.S. version, and Samsung’s own Exynos 9825 chip for alternative international markets. The Note tenandincorporates alarge 12GB of RAM and aboardstorage choices of either 256GB or 512GB. It even comes with a microSD card slot for adding even a lot of storage.

The Note tenand has four rear cameras — AN ultra-wide 16MP device (f/2.2) with a 123-degree field-of-view, a camera lens 12MP camera (f/1.5-f/2.4, OIS), a 12MP camera lens (f/2.1, OIS), and a VGA “DepthVision” camera (f/1.4). it’sone 10MP front-facing selfie camera.

The Note ten Plus’ alternative hardware optionsembodyANsupersonic in-display fingerprint deviceAN IP68 rating, and how to access Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby directly from its power button.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a member of the Note family while not the embedded S Pen stylus. It adds written note-taking practicality to the Note tenandin conjunction with Air Actions, a feature 1st found on the Galaxy Tab S6 pillyou’ll even connect the Note tenand to a Windows computer with a USB cable and use its Dex desktop mode if you would liketo try to to some serious work on the phone.

The Note tenandcontains afour,300mAh battery that supports Qi-based 15W wireless charging, and 45W quickcharging if you get the elective Superfast Charge adapter. It additionally supports Samsung’s Wireless Powershare thereforeyou’ll wirelessly charge different supported smartphones and devices with the phone.

It has stereo speakers aboardhowever the Note tenand lacks a three.5mm earpiece jack.

In Apple’s corner, the iPhone XS scoopcontains a smaller AMOLED half-dozen.5-inch show with a resolution of two,688 x 1,242. The screen’s corners area unitadditionalee than what you’ll realize on the Note tenandhowever it additionallycontains aa lot of larger notch on high for its selfie cameras. The iPhone XS scoopcontains a mere 4GB of RAM, howeveradditional storage options: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. However, it lacks a microSD card thereforethere’s no thanks to add additional storage to Apple’s telephone.

The iPhone XS scoop includes Apple’s in-house A12 Bionic chip, and it uses its front-facing cameras with Face ID technology to unlock the phone. Of course, it’s its own Siri digital assistant, furthermore as associate IP68 rating. It lacks associate embedded stylus, and there’s no Dex-like practicalitysuch as youcanrealize on Samsung’s phone.

Like the Note tenand, the iPhone XS scoop has stereo speakers, but no a 3.5mm earpiece jack.

The Apple iPhone XS goop features aabundant smaller three,174mAh battery with wired support for less than 15W. It additionally supports Qi-based wireless charging. It additionally has 2 12MP rear cameras. the firstdevicefeatures aoptical lens f/1.8 aperture whereas there’s a telephotograph f/2.4 lens on the secondary device. On the front of the phone, there’s a 7MP primary camera. There’s additionally a TOF 3D camera on the front for the phone’s Face ID feature.

The Note ten and is, as you may expect, a extremely high-ticket phone, with a beginning worth of $1,099 for the 256GB version. The iPhone XS scoop is additionally an expensive phone. In fact, it starts at an equivalent worth because the Note ten and.

Another huge distinction between the 2 phones is that Samsung plans to unleash a version of the Note ten and this year with 5G support. The iPhone XS scoop doesn’t have 5G, and Apple isn’t probably to unleash 5G iPhones till a minimum of the autumn of 2020. On the opposite hand, 5G network support within the U.S. are uneven, to mention the smallest amount, for a moment, therefore ultimately this won’t be an enormous issue once shopping for a phone this year.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PlusApple iPhone XS Max
Display6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O
3,040 x 1,440 resolution
6.5-inch AMOLED
2,688 x 1,242 resolution
458 ppi
SoCGlobal: Samsung Exynos 9825
U.S.: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Apple A12
microSD card slot
UFS 3.0
Ultra-wide: 16MP sensor, ƒ/2.2 aperture, 123-degree field-of-view
Wide-angle: 12MP sensor, Dual Pixel autofocus, ƒ/1.5+ƒ/2.4 apertures, OIS, 77-degree field-of-view
Telephoto: 12MP sensor, ƒ/2.1 aperture, OIS, 45-degree field-of-view
Depth Vision camera: VGA, ƒ/1.4 aperture, 72-degree field-of-view

10MP sensor, Dual Pixel autofocus, ƒ/2.2 aperture, 80-degree field-of-view
Wide angle 12MP sensor, ƒ/1.8 aperture
Telephoto 12Mp sensor, ƒ/2.4 aperture

7MP sensor, ƒ/2.2 aperture
TOF 3D sensor
IP ratingIP68IP68
SoftwareAndroid 9 Pie
Samsung One UI
iOS 12.4
Dimensions and weight162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9mm
157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7mm

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Apple iPhone XS Max: And the winner is.

In terms of specs, the Note ten and beats the iPhone XS liquid ecstasy in just about each method. it’s a much bigger show with a large screen-to-body magnitude relation, a lot of RAM aboard, a bigger battery that charges quicker (if you get AN facultative charger), and you’ll be able to add a lot of storage to that with a microSD card. The S Pen is additionally an enormous and for Samsung’s phone if you would like to create some written notes. Finally, the beginning tag for the Note ten and is that the same because the iPhone XS liquid ecstasy, however you get 256GB of storage for that $1,099 worth on Samsung’s phone, compared to merely 64GB of storage for Apple’s flagship smartphone

If you have the cash, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the phone to snap up.

The only major issue we willestablish with the Note tenand is that Samsung takes a reasonablywhile to update its phones with the most recentautomaton versions. it’ll ship with automatonnine Pie, however don’t expect this phone to induceconsequentmassiveautomaton OS upgrade, that is thanks to roll out terriblybefore long, for a minimum ofmany months. The iPhone XS easy lay has already updated from its original iOS twelve to iOS twelve.4 since it launched in late Sept 2018, and canseemingly get iOS thirteenat onceonce Apple rolls it out this fall.

If you crave regular code updates on your phone specially else, the iPhone XS easy layis that the flagship smartphone to shop for. If you’re willing to overlook Samsung’s slow OS updates and you have got the money, the Galaxy Note tenandis that the phone to take.




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