Think punch holes are annoying

We saw the primary phones equipped with a punch-hole cutout a year ago, allowing manufacturers to ditch a thick top bezel. We’ve since seen pill-shaped punch-hole cutouts on the likes of the Galaxy S10, and now Chinese brand Vivo is brooding about upping the ante.

The smartphone manufacturer filed a patent with the China National property Administration (CNIPA), consistent with Tiger Mobiles. and therefore the filing shows up to four individual punch-hole cutouts on one smartphone display.

Images attached to the filing show either one punch-hole in each corner of the screen, a pill-shaped cutout in both the highest left and top right corners (with each “pill” hosting two sensors), or a separate pair of punch holes in both the highest left and right corners. inspect the image below for a far better idea:

Think punch holes are annoying? How about four of them?
Think punch holes are annoying? How about four of them?

It’s certainly stimulating combat the full-screen display, but it causes you to wonder why you’d need quite two selfie cameras within the first place. Heck, I’d say three sensors at a push would be the utmost, accounting for a primary camera, an ultra-wide lens, and a 3D ToF sensor for more accurate depth and AR effects (as well as face unlock).

This is just a patent, so it isn’t necessarily indicative of a future product. We’ve previously seen other smartphone manufacturers file patents for similarly weird ideas too. but, what’s weird today could be a serious a part of the mobile experience tomorrow.

A punch-hole cutout in each corner looks like the smallest amount desirable option from a usability point of view though. This solution could potentially create problems with selfie angles (which camera are you alleged to look at?) and holding the phone without obscuring the relevant sensor.

Would you purchase a Vivo phone or a tool generally with four punch holes? allow us to know within the comments!


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