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WhatsApp not working? Here are 5 easy fixes to try

There square measurea couple ofdoable reasons why WhatsApp isn’tperforming on your android device. Thankfully, all of them will bemountedcomparatively quickly. If the app is blooming, you can’t send messages, or square measure experiencing the otherproblemssimply follow the information below to induce the app make a copy and running once more.

Step one: Narrow down the problem

If WhatsApp isn’tfunctioning on your mechanical man phone, the primaryissueto try to to is check whether or notthe matter is on your facet or WhatApp’s. you’lltry this by visiting one in all the websites that report if WhatsApp is down and within which countries. you’llinvestigatesomeof those websites via the links below:

  1. Is The Service Down?
  2. Outage Report
  3. Is it Down Right Now?
  4. Downdetector

If one (or all) websites claim that the service is down in your country, there’s not a lot of you’ll do however wait till WhatsApp fixes the difficulty. sadly, outages aren’t uncommon for WhatsApp in addition as different fashionable services together with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Step two: Check your internet connection

If there are not any reports of a WhatsApp outage, the mattershouldair your finishto do and fix it, the primaryfactorto try and do is check the fundamentals, which, during this case, is your webassociationbegin by turning your Wi-Fi off so on once moreto visualize if that will the trick. No luck? Then try and visit a random web site on the net or play a YouTube video, with great careyou’ll see if there’s a haulalong with yourassociation.

Step three: Force stop and Clear cache

If WhatsApp still isn’t operatingplayacting a force stop and clearing the cache on your device may solve the matter. A force stop essentially kills off the UNIX systemmethod for the app and clearing your cache gets eliminate the temporary files the app has hold on.

If you wish to dive deeper into the force stop and clear cache processes, we’ve gotan avid post on the subjectcreated by our terribly own metropolis Sims — check it out here. we have a tendency toeven have a video that goes on the article, thatyou’ll watch on top of.

To perform a force stop, head to the settings of your device and faucet on Apps. Then scroll down tillyou discoverWhatsApp, open it, sofaucet the Force stop shut uphigh. To clear the cache, faucet the Storage choice below sochoose the Clear cache choice. Once that’s done, launch WhatsApp and check if it works because itought tocurrently.

Step four: Update WhatsApp or reinstall it

Your WhatsApp-related downsidemay well be caused by a bug within the app. the simplestissueto try and do is to update it to the newest version by heading to the Play Store, tape the My apps & games choicesotape the Update button next to WhatsApp — if it’s obtainable.

If that doesn’t do the trick or there’s no update out there, your best bet is to delete the app from your device thenput in it. I’m certainyou recognizethe way todo thishoweverjust in case you’re associategolemfreshmanyou’ll be able toexamine our orientatethe way to delete apps from your phone by clicking here.

Step five: Turn off VPN

VPNs arnice. They allow you to hide your identity on-line, bypass regional content restrictions on services like Netflix, and find access to WhatsApp in countries it isn’t obtainable. However, a VPN also can be the rationale why WhatsApp isn’toperating for you.

I’ve stumble upon reports by users claiming that they can’t build calls via WhatsApp once they have a VPN turned on and have knowledgeable about a bunch of differentissues. So, if you’ve got a VPN turned on whereasmaking an attempt to access WhatsApp, simplyflip in off to ascertain if it solves your drawback.

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There you have got it — these ar the 5 steps you ought to take if you’re experiencing WhatsApp-related issues. Hopefully, one among them solved your issue. If you’ve found the other WhatsApp fixes allow us tograspwithin thecomments!


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